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Mccaffreys Male Grooming


Mccaffreys has just been nominated for The Business Innovation Award at the Southwest Business awards. Essentially this award is for the best new business idea. And it’s no surprise that Mccaffreys has been nominated, as I found out.

I needed to look good. In fact I needed to look my very best, I was getting married the next day! Easing myself back into the chair I realised that, at the age of 41, I had only ever had one proper wet shave with a cut-throat razor in my life! How is that possible?

The answer is simple, up until recently it has been a dying art, an art that James Mccaffrey is proud to be resurrecting as one of only a handful of individuals qualified to offer the service.

As a day to day routine I find shaving a bore, I think I’m a typical male with a typical Gillette Mach 3... complete with 5 month old blade! Half the time I can’t be bothered and most of the time my goatee is wonky! I figured James had his work cut-out.

I was expecting to feel a little nervous, after all, it’s not every day that you let someone else take a razor to your throat. But my trepidation was unfounded, James’s experience and professional manner soon had me quite relaxed and at ease.

Face lathered, head tilted back, I closed my eyes... as the razor came in to contact with my jaw-line I felt only the slightest sensation of contact. James continued to work his way around my face and goatee, straightening it up as he went along!

The shave itself took about 15 minutes and the end result was spectacular, a seriously smooth shave from Montpellier’s smooth operator.

My goatee was perfect, for the first time ever, there wasn’t a single bristle out of place. I was exquisitely groomed. I simply couldn’t believe it, I barely recognised myself and wondered if my wife to be would recognise me!

This is a real treat and not just a special shave I found it totally relaxing and, much to my surprise, I found that I was significantly less stressed-out afterwards. It’s an experience every male should try!

Mccaffreys strap line is ‘Appreciate the difference’ and it’s that difference that sets them apart. There is nowhere else in Cheltenham that offers such a wide variety of grooming treatments as McCaffrey’s Male Grooming.

There are so many services available to the modern man. If you simply need to unwind after a strenuous week, are a regular groomer or someone indulging in a one-off treat you will find it all here.

Mccaffreys is located at:

4 Montpellier Avenue
GL50 1SA

Tel: 01242 238823