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We're All Doomed... Or Are We?

Energy Costs To Increase By 20% crack

This might seem something of an extreme headline, reminiscent of Private Frazer of Dad’s Army fame. Chances are though the phrase has been uttered in households throughout Cheltenham at the news in recent weeks of increases in energy costs of as much as 20% coming up.

Gary Jones of leading double glazing window, door and conservatory business Glevum takes a look at this hot topic for us and points to why it might prompt many more of us to call firms such as them.

“It comes to something when we all shrug our shoulders as we read front page headlines announcing up to 20% increases in energy costs. Particularly when you consider that the average household is now paying around £500 more on energy bills than they were 5 years ago.

Is it any wonder that a staggering 6.3 million UK households are now classified as living in fuel poverty. The official definition of this being that a household spends 10% or more of their disposable income on home energy costs.

So what can we do?

Apart from turning lights off and putting an extra layer on in the winter months, the argument for installing the latest energy efficient windows is becoming increasingly compelling. An estimated 6% of properties have less than half their home double glazed. In one of these homes with non energy efficient windows up to 25% of heat loss can be due to glass or glazing.


An average detached house with timber windows could save £223 per annum in energy costs by installing the latest A rated energy efficient windows. This is without taking into consideration the increases in energy costs we have just seen announced.

Even somebody who has older style UPVC windows can make substantial savings. A typical detached house which had the type of UPVC windows installed as recently as in 2001, could save over £100 per annum in energy costs by now replacing them with the latest windows. None of this even touches on the benefits the latest windows offer in terms from carbon reduction, better sound proofing and improved security.

This could herald something of a second boom for the window and double glazing industry, reminiscent of the heyday when people first started replacing wooden windows with UPVC. Certainly, with the way energy costs are going a lot more households in Cheltenham will be giving serious consideration to replacing their windows and doors much earlier than they might have otherwise done. If they are, I hope they will be giving Glevum a call on:

0800 33 22 55.