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Clearly Invisible crack

As if haunted by crooked or overlapping teeth wasn’t enough, you then find to your horror that your teeth continue to move as you get older and as those once slightly crooked or overlapping teeth become more pronounced , your embarrassment grows in equal measures causing you to be even more self-conscious! The effect this can have can be extremely demoralising and impacts directly on the way you choose to lead your life.

Luckily there are solutions and one that really delivers is Invisalign, a system that is virtually impossible to detect, delivers excellent results and will fit into your busy lifestyle too. To regain your confidence can be as simple as the treatment itself so you can say goodbye to gaps, overbite, crowding or just plain crooked. No need for the added embarrassment that a fixed brace might bring as Invisalign is virtually undetectable and does not have metal wires and brackets. With Invisalign, the clear removable aligners are custom made to fit your teeth perfectly, and over a cycle of about two weekly intervals, each aligner is changed, slowly encouraging your teeth to move into their desired position. Time also spent in the dentist’s chair is kept to a minimum as the progress is charted right from the start and the aligners are all made at the same time, so all you will need is a progress check from time to time.

Invisalign is one of the most comfortable systems available today and has other added benefits too such as:

• no unsightly wires or brackets

• virtually undetectable

• extremely effective

• removable during treatment giving you total freedom

• brushing and flossing continues as normal

• gives you a clear defined virtual 3D treatment plan so you can see the end result before you start!

Cheltenham Dental Spa and Implant Clinic is a recognised Invisalign provider and will discuss all aspects of the treatment with you so you understand just how easily this treatment could fit into your busy lifestyle without telling the world what you are doing! We can also share with you other similar cases or even put you in touch with existing patients to give you all the assurance you need.

So with a little invisible help you can effectively banish those worrisome teeth, regain your confidence and give yourself something to really smile about!

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