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The Choice Of A-List Celebrities crack

How do Madonna, Naomi Campbell, Victoria Beckham and other A-list celebrities always look so youthful? It appears that they are all hooked on the latest Intraceutical Oxygen Infusions to rejuvenate their skin. And this ‘miracle’ beauty treatment is now available in Cheltenham where Russian doctor Zulia Frost has brought the treatment to her new clinic in Maple House, Bayshill Road.

Intraceutical Infusions use a hyaluronicacid based serum, which is infused using oxygen under pressure to deeply hydrate the skin, leaving it glowing and refreshed. It feels like a cool jet of air being blown over your skin and promises to give clients a more youthful appearance without the need for surgery. The result is a plumping and firming of the skin that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so that the skin appears youthful and rejuvenated.

But this is not just an instant lift - it continues to work over the weeks to improve all problem areas of the skin. And it is totally non-invasive, there are no needles and it doesn’t hurt a bit! In fact it only takes about an hour to treat the face and it is suitable for all skin types and the whole experience is very calming and relaxing. A range of Hyaluronic Layering skin care products are also available to keep the skin hydrated long after the treatment ends.

“Ordinary cosmetic products are mostly ineffective because they cannot penetrate below the surface of the skin, but this treatment can deliver it to the deep layers of the skin and the products used afterwards continue to nourish and protect the skin,” says Dr Zulia.

After graduating as a Doctor of General Medicine and Paediatrics, Dr Zulia practiced medicine for 10 years before relocating to the UK in 1996.

For the past twelve years, she has been running a busy pain management practice in Cheltenham using innovative technologies that include InterX Neurostimulation and Low Intensity Laser. She has also lectured and trained throughout the world in her role as Medical Director of US based Neuro Resource Group. Dr Zulia’s experience led her to investigate the cosmetic applications of these technologies and so she started A-List Aesthetics to provide non-invasive, anti-ageing programs to her clients.

A-List Aesthetics offers a range of Intraceuticals Infusions for the face, neck and décolleté which include:

Opulence Brightening, which combines botanical skin brighteners and super concentrated vitamin C to balance dull or uneven skin and helps minimise pigmentation caused by sun damage

And Red Carpet, which contains a cocktail of vitamins and antioxidants which are deeply infused into the skin resulting in instant hydration and reduced appearance of fine lines. It is used by make-up artists to make skin look youthful and calm for photography.

The treatments cost between £125 and £195 and it is not just for women, there are treatments for men too. As
Justin Timberlake says of Intraceuticals “It makes my skin look dope.”

A-List Aesthetics is located at:

Maple House
Bayshill Road
GL50 3AW

Telephone: 01242 210966

Mobile: 07779 334813