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John Moore

Two Front Teeth Portrait Photography crack

John Moore’s love of photography began when he was just 10 years old. His dad was a keen amateur photographer and let John borrow his camera until he gave him his own when he was 12. It became his hobby and his life. Initially he took photos of family and abstract close-ups of ‘things around the house and garden’.

John was born in Nottingham, though he has lived in Cheltenham for ‘half his life’, he tells me, longer than anywhere else. It’s his home now. He lives with Heidi, who comes from Blackpool, and their two children, Harry, age 12, who goes to The Crypt School in Gloucester and 10 year old Freya who attends Holy Trinity.

When he was 13, John joined a camera club in a village near Newark. He was a member there for eight years. He was the only child in the camera club but it didn’t stop him from winning awards against the adults. At 16 he left school to go to South Notts College to do a City & Guilds in Photography. An HND in Photography followed - this time in Gloucester.

Once qualified, he moved to London for two years, working as a photographer’s assistant. He then moved back to this area, settling in Cheltenham and setting up his commercial photography business, which concentrated on advertising and brochure work, both location and studio shots. Two Front Teeth Photography, which is dedicated to creating beautiful and original family portraits, was conceived in 2004 by John and Heidi.

John loves what he does so much that Two Front Teeth has taken over and he spends more time these days doing the studio sessions than the commercial photography.

Two Front Teeth specialises in family shots, pregnancy and new born baby photos, children, teenagers, adults of all ages, individual shots, family reunions including grandparents, parents and all the grandchildren together and even pets. As it can be hard to get two or three dogs to pose together, John shoots them all separately and creates a montage. He can also create a montage using three or four pictures of the same subject and the result is really effective.

Photo birthday parties for children are really popular at the moment. Up to eight guests come to the studio with two or three costume changes, props, wacky hats, mum and dad, the cake and anything else they want in the pictures. The party costs £175 and includes a picture of each child, plus a framed photo of the birthday girl or boy. John provides a weblink so they can choose their favourite photo.

However, for other photo shoots, John likes the customers to come to the studio to choose their pictures as it can take up to two hours to select from the best 30-60 of the 200 shots he takes during the hour long shoot. All the finished pictures are bespoke. John edits and crops them - customers can even choose the size and shape of the pictures - and they then select the right frames to suit the photos.

John uses Photoshop to add filters and remove scratches on babies or bruises, spots and other blemishes. He can also remove a few lines and wrinkles but not so much as to look unnatural.

Anyone who has seen his work is always struck by how natural his photos look. That’s because everyone finds the session enjoyable and much easier than they imagined it would be.

John is proud of his achievements, which include having an ‘Our Pregnancy and New Born Photographic Exhibition’ hanging in the maternity wings of both Gloucester and Cheltenham hospitals. After months of hard work, Two Front Teeth Photography delivered 18 large acrylic photographs which capture the last few weeks of pregnancy to the first few weeks of the baby’s life. The Gloucester maternity wing opened in January, with the photo’s going up in the wards and delivery suites. They will be seen by around 6,000 mums and visitors this year alone.

So has John got any time for other hobbies? He manages to go to the gym three times a week to do spin classes and circuit training and also goes walking with Heidi and the kids but there isn’t much time for anything else. He loves travelling, but has only been to Europe since the kids were born. He particularly loves Venice and Rome - they are his two favourite cities mainly because of the architecture – and he would love to visit Sicily next when he has the time. He’s so busy at the moment - a customer has just arrived and the phone never
stops ringing.

He and Heidi also take in foreign students who stay for two weeks up to two months. They enjoy the different cultures and it’s good for the children, John says. So far they have come from as far afield as Italy, Spain, Germany, Iran, Brazil and Japan and ranged in age from 12 to 19. They always do a photo shoot which the students really enjoy.

Earlier this year Two Front Teeth was voted No 1 best loved photography studio in the whole of the UK by in their ‘Share the love’ competition two years running, having received over 750 testimonials from their happy customers over the last two years. John also does all the shoots for The Face of The Cheltonian winners – see this month’s front cover.

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