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We always embrace the latest advances in dental technology if we believe it will truly benefit our clients and give them the best possible dental care, and one such advancement is CEREC for one visit dentistry. CEREC 3D is the cosmetic panacea for crowns, inlays and onlays enabling us to fabricate these restorations for you in a single visit to our clinic, normally within an hour. This amazing system makes the traditional two trips to the dentist for your crown a thing of the past! Also there is the added bonus of no temporary crowns while you wait 2 weeks for your permanent crowns to be fabricated in the laboratory. It couldn’t be better!

Q. I have a crown that no longer matches the colour of my other teeth can this be replaced?

A. Yes it can, and by using our Cerec system this can be done for you very quickly in a single visit and will match your other teeth perfectly.

Q. I hate having impressions taken – can this be avoided?

A. With Cerec there is no need for an impression to be taken as we use an intra-oral camera for 3D imaging which creates a perfect computer image for us to work with eliminating any chance of human error.

Q. I need a new crown but keep putting it off as I don’t want the embarrassment of having a temporary tooth fitted while it is made. How can I avoid this and have the work done that I need?

A. By using the latest technology we can fit a new crown for you without the need for a temporary tooth, by using our Cerec system and it will be fitted within the hour – so no need for additional appointments either.

Q. Is a Cerec Crown as strong as a traditional crown?

A. Yes, every bit as strong and looks completely natural. The ceramic blocks come in a wide variety of shades and colours so there is no problem matching this to your existing tooth colour so the end result is a completely natural looking restoration.

Q. You are not a Laboratory so will the fit be as good?

A. With the help of computer aided technology there is no room for error making it every bit as good. An image is taken using the intra-oral camera which converts this into a 3D computerised model of your teeth and is then used to fabricate the new crown perfectly so the fit is exceptionally good.

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