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Remote Monitoring: Ensuring The Maximum Uptime Of Your IT crack

Over the years businesses have become increasingly reliant on their IT systems. As a result server downtime could severely disrupt an organisation’s operation and the possibility of critical applications failing and causing costly disruption is a threat which every business needs to consider. Failure to monitor your server performance can result in a data backup failure, termination of operational productivity, failure to complete projects to deadline, wasted man-hours as well as virus and security threats.

You may not have the time, resources or expertise to monitor your servers and critical applications but there is a way to do this without it taking up time or the requirement for more resources or expertise. Remote monitoring maximises operational uptime by providing continuous monitoring of your Microsoft Windows servers, detecting early warning signs of potential problems and in many cases, takes preventative action before users are impacted and productivity is reduced.

Remote monitoring can be a fully managed service, meaning that the service provider is responsible for detecting and fixing any faults that may occur. In addition to remote monitoring of your servers, you can also employ monitoring of your workstations to ensure the maximum uptime of your IT infrastructure.

OGL offers a fully managed Remote Monitoring Service which monitors your servers on a continuous basis. OGL’s Remote Monitoring Service aims to validate a server error within 15 working minutes through automatic notification of the fault being received. The fault is then logged and OGL remotely connects to the server to resolve the server error.

The Remote Monitoring Service gives you confidence that your IT infrastructure can remain operational
because we may find, resolve and inform you of any server-based issue often before you’re aware of the

If you have your own in-house IT staff we can also provide the ability to log in to OGL’s Remote Monitoring Control Panel for self monitoring. If you want to be informed of any problems with your servers out of normal business hours, the service can send you alerts by either email or SMS. For users of web enabled PDAs or Smartphones, we also offer a mobile optimised version of our web based control panel. OGL can also provide you via email, with a daily, weekly or monthly report summarising the state of your servers.

In addition to OGL’s Remote Monitoring Service we can also carry out automated inventory scans of your workstations allowing you to obtain detailed information of both the workstation hardware and installed software.

OGL’s Remote Server Monitoring Service requires only the installation of a small secure monitoring agent on each server. This has zero impact on server performance and requires no modifications to your existing firewall. Once the agent is installed we can carry out workstation asset scans without any additional software being installed on the workstations.

The Remote Monitoring Service can be combined with OGL’s IT Support Package, providing premier IT support expertise in a reliable and cost-effective contract. Optimising the potential of your IT infrastructure, our IT support partnership provides a rapid response including remote telephone support combined with fully qualified field technicians, which maximises your IT uptime. Your OGL IT support partnership also incorporates expert consultancy in account management as part of OGL’s premier service.

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