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Fantastic Facial


I’ve always believed that prevention is better than cure so I have faithfully cleansed and moisturised my skin since I was about 15. I hope it has paid off as it’s certainly been hard work! Strangely enough though I have only ever had one facial in my life, as I am slightly nervous about letting someone else loose on my face, especially with products I am not familiar with as I have quite sensitive skin. However, I have had a few treatments already at Absolute Beauty and I trust owner and qualified beauty therapist Alison Gore completely.

Absolute Beauty offers a number of facials but Alison decided that the best one for me would be the Renu Luxury Facial. This is a fabulous facial for those with maturing skin or those starting to notice the signs of ageing as the use of natural anti-ageing products with plant extracts and essential oils combats lines and wrinkles, while deep cleansing and uplifting the skin.

It is a relaxing treatment with outstanding results and includes a complimentary scalp or hand massage whilst you relax with your algae mask on. The treatment lasts an hour and a quarter in total.

The Renu Luxury Facial uses products from the Susan Molyneux skincare range. With more than twenty years’ experience of blending natural ingredients, these products rely on the best quality ingredients - plant extracts, minerals and essential oils. They do not contain ingredients such as lanolin or artificial colours. Most of all they avoid using artificial perfumes, preferring instead to use essential oils to provide the unique aromas for which the products are known and loved. All the products are pH balanced.

When I arrived, I met Selina, the beauty therapist who was to give me my facial. She was very nice and welcoming and led me into the treatment room. I had to remove my blouse and jewellery and cover myself with a towel, the reason for which would soon become clear. The Renu Luxury Facial is not just a facial as in many salons; it also works on your neck, shoulders and décolletage. She told me I had ‘good skin’ so all those years of dedicated skin care has obviously worked!

Selina first carried out two deep cleanses, using Renu Cleanser whose ingredients include Evening Primrose and Rosehip oils, Vitamins A, B5 and E and Shea Butter. It effectively cleanses the skin without damaging the skins protective barrier. This was followed by a radiant Skin Peel. This is a very gentle exfoliator using powerful fruit enzymes, Vitamin C and Blackcurrant Seed Oil, which is left on the skin for a few minutes. After the peel is removed a soothing toner is applied.

Selina then started the massage part of the treatment using Renu Nourishing Treatment Oil with Rosehip, Blackcurrant, Wild Yam and Soya extracts to promote collagen and elastin production and maintain suppleness and elasticity.

This part was fabulous and she really worked the muscles in my neck and shoulders which have become quite stiff from carrying a heavy bag over one shoulder.

An Algae Line Smoothing mask was then applied thickly over my face, neck and down to the chest area where the skin can start to become dry and crêpey, leaving a gap around the mouth and nose; this is left in place for 15 minutes. During this time the mask alginates and sets to a rubbery consistency.

While the mask was doing its work, Selina gave me a scalp massage followed by a soothing hand massage using a ginger and calendula oil, concentrating on the acupressure points. This last part was absolutely lovely and very relaxing.

After the 15 minutes were up, Selina removed the mask - almost entirely in one go - and finished off with a light restoring moisturiser and lip and eye cream. She suggested that I refrain from applying my make-up for a couple of hours if possible so as to gain the most benefit from the facial.

As well as the Renu Luxury Facial, there is a treatment for all ages and skin types available at Absolute Beauty, including:

The Monu Express Facial - a great introduction to skincare and facials and is ideal as a pick-me-up before or after a night out! Use it to find out what your skin really needs and get expert advice and skincare recommendations.

The Monu Aromatic Facial - a wonderfully relaxing facial tailored to your skins needs. Your face will be cleansed, toned, exfoliated and massaged before applying a treatment mask and then moisturised. You will feel like you have new skin!

The Monu or Renu Essential Oil Facial - a soothing and calming treatment tailored to your skin type. Using specifically chosen products containing essential oils and plant extracts it will help to normalise your skin and maintain a youthful glow. Renu products are used for those wishing to fight the signs of ageing.

The Monu Active Collagen Facial - a wonderful facial to lift out those fine lines and wrinkles. The mask used for this treatment contains soluble collagen to deliver a burst of moisture to regenerate the skin, leaving it glowing. It is especially suited to dry skin and those with fine lines and wrinkles.

If you haven’t had a facial before the therapists will be happy to advise you on which one to choose.

Absolute Beauty is at 10 Prestbury Road.

Tel: 01242 579600