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1. Can anyone have a Dental Implant?

Anyone with a single tooth missing or several teeth missing is suited to this type of treatment, and often the placement of an Implant will encourage good bone density as the jaw and gums are required to support the implant in a similar way to a normal tooth. An Implant will often help to maintain the facial structure too rather than develop the ‘sunken look’ that comes from having no tooth to support.

2. Are Dental Implants visible?

When a Dental Implant is fitted the titanium post is placed into the healthy jaw structure, and is not visible to anyone and this in turn will be the base for securing your new tooth or denture. Replacement teeth are made to match your other teeth perfectly and fit snugly into the offending gap. A good Implant is virtually impossible to detect.

3. Are they strong?

Yes very strong and secure, often better than your existing teeth! You will be able to eat, drink and laugh with confidence.

4. Can I have my denture or bridge replaced with Implants?

Yes you can, and this will provide you with a more secure and esthetically pleasing option for replacing either your denture or a bridge. We have been replacing dentures and bridgework for clients for many years with Dental Implants and everyone says it is like getting their life back! Dentures can be permanently replaced using as few as 4 Implants whilst giving you complete stability, requiring minimal bone volume and a provisional prosthesis can be fitted immediately following surgery.

5. How do I know the Implants will look natural?

Ideally for the best results the more experience your Implantologist has the better, for example we have placed over 3000 Implants and understand how important it is to consider not only the colour and appearance of a person’s teeth but the skin tone and the facial contours etc. The replacement tooth or teeth will be made to very exacting standards to complement and enhance the final result whilst looking completely natural. To achieve this we have forged an excellent working partnership with an award winning dental laboratory who work with us to produce the most natural looking dental restorations.

6. Once I have had my Dental Implants fitted, how expensive are they to maintain?

Whether replacing a single tooth or a complete denture (this requires 4 Implants), once the Implants are in place they are easy to maintain and require nothing more from you than your regular check-up and a good oral hygiene programme to keep you gums fit and healthy. It couldn’t be easier!

Dental implants are the best long term solution to missing teeth giving you the ability to eat, drink, talk and laugh with confidence again.

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