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In the December issue of The Cheltonian I explained how to create a robust disaster recovery plan; (if you missed the advice article it is still available for viewing at our blog: culmination of which determined that the most robust and easily managed disaster recovery plan combined an offsite storage location with an automatic data transfer and a rapid data recovery system.

Should the worse happen and your business falls foul to a disaster such as a fire or flood, you need to be in a position to get up and running as soon as possible. Of course this may not always be practical as the disaster may necessitatethat you vacate your premises for a period of time. OGL has considered this possibility and added a new feature to its increasingly popular Offsite Recovery disaster recovery solution.

Now forming part of our disaster recovery and business continuity package, OGL’s Technology Centre based at our Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire Head Office, has been installed with a Disaster Recovery Suite. The Suite includes desks to accommodate up to 24 people and each of these desks comes complete with telephone, PC and internet connection.

Access to your company’s files, folders, e-mail and applications will be available to each PC as normal from our data centre, thanks to a 50mbs lease line to provide fast data access. In the event of a disaster at your premises, OGL can accommodate your business and its staff, providing an excellent business environment to help you continue with your business in the critical immediate period.

The Disaster Recovery Suite also provides all of the facilities you would expect from a modern office environment, including printing, photocopying, faxing, plus the practicalities of ample on-site parking, a meeting room, plus a kitchen and shower area.

Should your business or employees not be located in proximity to the OGL Disaster Recovery Suite in Stourport, Worcestershire – less than an hour’s commute from Cheltenham -OGL is also entering into partnership with office-space providers throughout the UK with the intention of providing the same office facilities, coupled with our Offsite Recovery disaster recovery and offsite data backup system.

Whether you opt for offsite data centre storage combined with a Disaster Recovery Suite with essential office facilities, or if you still use tapes as part of your backup system, creating a robust disaster recovery plan is essential for any business. Here are essential tips your business should follow to protect against the results of a worst case scenario:

Make a data backup every day
A daily backup minimises data loss in the event of a worst case scenario.

Ensure success of your backup Particularly if you’re using tapes and tape drives, it’s imperative that you check rather than assume that your backup has been successfully created.

Keep it offsite
When you’ve made your data backup, ensure that the data storage device is in a separate and secure location.

Consider the time of recovery
Following a disaster, if you have access to secure premises and a working server, it could still take three or more days to reinstall your data if you’re using a tape backup device. Time is of the essence in disaster recovery and upgrading to an online data access system could easily be the more cost efficient option.

For advice and consultancy on disaster recovery for your organisation give me a call on 01299 873 873 or e-mail