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Everyone's Dating Fairy Godmother


Hi everyone, hope you are all well. It’s Christmas! I love Christmas, I just can’t help myself. I start planning in November and have it all done by the 19th I wish!!!! It’s always a mad rush for me because I never quite know what the boys are doing and when they are coming home. Last year my middle son who is in the Armed Force made me promise not to put the Christmas tree (which has to be a real one) up until he arrived home for Christmas leave. It was the most amazing sight to see the three boys wearing a selection of daft Christmas hats dancing around the sitting room to their favourite “Best of Christmas Number Ones CD,” pulling out the Christmas decorations from the box that they had made at play school and school. I always thought that as they got older they would grow out of it; bearing in mind they are now 22, 20 and 17.

However not everyone is so lucky to be able to enjoy Christmas with family and loved ones. It’s especially hard for singletons out there. Many single people will probably spend Christmas with their family however that doesn’t always guarantee happiness. You might get the well-intentioned relative lecturing you on how to bag yourself a prince or princess; usually in graphic detail after they have had one too many Sherries. Then there is the question that makes you choke on your turkey, “do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?” You know it is going to be uttered at some point and you feel like putting a sticker on your head or holding a banner as you walk in saying “Yes, I’m still single”

So what are you going to do about it? Can you bear another Christmas with the family having to answer the same questions? Well it’s your choice, but changing that fact could also form part of your New Year’s resolution; ‘To actively and constructively work out a plan of action.’ With all the recourses available to you; from internet dating to single social activities - I’m sure you will be able to find something that suits you.

What you have to do it analyse why it hasn’t worked up to now. What have you been doing? How have you been doing it? Is there a pattern? Sometimes it’s a good idea to talk about these issues with someone who doesn’t know you. Your friends are not likely to tell you the truth because they love you and don’t want to hurt your feelings and sometime there may be issues that you won’t want to tell your friends.

Sit down and make a list, with your personal goal at the end. It could be finding a partner for marriage; or someone to socialise with and go to the theatre. Then write down how you are going to achieve this. You could join an activity/sporting club; take up golf or start painting. You could take up a new hobby; hopefully one where you are going to meet prospective new partners.

Try internet dating or take an ‘internet dating for beginner’s course’ if you are feeling a little unsure about that sort of thing. Go on a singles holiday; anything to change the pattern, break the cycle.

Make it a Christmas present to yourself. I’m sure if you try a different approach to finding the love of your life you won’t ever need to spend Christmas as a singleton with the relatives again! Please contact me if you would like to find out about having a one-to-one advice session or would like to find out more about the Internet Dating for Beginners courses. Have a fantastic Christmas.

Take care. Lynette