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New Year, New You! crack

We’ll soon be celebrating the arrival of 2011 and with it comes thoughts of another year gone by. Where has the year gone? 2010, was it the year healthy eating habits finely became a way of life? The smoking habit was kicked or your resolve to take a twice yearly holiday became reality?

For me, it was coming to terms with the realisation that my illusions of becoming ‘that woman’ who hops, jumps and skips to the gym, looking fabulous and without a hair out of place will never become reality! However much I tried, it just wasn’t me!

My jogging bottoms and mismatched T-Shirt have seen better days, my trainers are falling apart and the mantra I repeat at least 10 times a day, 3 days a week: ‘I will go to the gym tonight’ has become a ritual. Despite painting this ugly picture I AM, finally, a regular attendee at my gym thanks to discovering Lady Zone. If, like me, you find conventional gyms intimidating and the resolution has dried up by March then Ladyzone could be the place for you.

Ladyzone, as the name suggests, is for women only and is situated near the railway station on the Gloucester Road. There’s free parking at the back, it can get busy, but I’ve never had any trouble parking. The changing room, with lockers, is clean. There’s a kitchen and relaxation area which I’m reliably informed is particularly useful if working out during a lunch hour!

The workout area is in the main building. It’s a small space when compared to most gyms, but more than adequate and as the building is a converted church the ceiling height gives a real sense of space.

The ‘workout’ consists of 10 stations and lasts for 30 minutes. This really appeals to me, I go along after work and as it’s just 30 minutes the remainder of my evening is free. I also picked Lady Zone because of the atmosphere. I always feel welcome by both the instructors and other members who range from young women to retired ladies of all shapes and sizes.

The workout stations are arranged in a circuit which makes it really social. There are specific workout classes (these are extra and not included in the membership fee) and advice on eating for weight loss. Occasionally Lady Zone will invite a local business to sell its wares at the gym, so you could pick up a handbag…. or two at the gym!

So New Year, new start. You’ve decided to have one last stab at the ‘get fit’ resolution. Call Lady Zone for a free trial. You’ll be shown around the facilities including a short session on the exercise stations. The instructor will reassure and offer encouragement to ‘work’ a little harder! Membership and options will be discussed and perhaps you’ll sign on the dotted line!

Session one is with an instructor to complete a health questionnaire. Measurements, weight and blood pressure are checked. Goals are discussed and a programme put together accordingly. The workout will then start with the instructor showing you how to use the machines and after 30 minutes you’re done! Session two: it’s been a long day at work, tired, stressed and hungry the urge to go straight home is overwhelming…..stop! Head over to Lady Zone, you’ll be glad you did. Before you know it session two will be 200 and the ‘get fit’ resolution…. tick!