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Dermal Fillers crack

I love it when a new enterprise opens up and I am invited to experience their delights. This happened to me the other day when All Your Life suggested I had a look at their extensive treatment menu and picked ‘something suitable’. It would have been rude to refuse! Trouble was, as I appear to be in fast-forward mode to my 50’s and everything is falling, creasing, de-colouring – what little treat should I opt for?

Based centrally at Number One St Margaret’s Terrace, which is a stone’s throw from the new cinema complex and with oodles of parking I hot-footed it over there. Their salon is sumptuous, calm and welcoming and as I was still unsure of what goodie to chose, I was guided by one of their wonderful therapists. All Your Life covers a medley of face and body treatments, they even do make over/photographic sessions – the list was comprehensive and I was spoilt for choice!

One of my biggest bug-bears are my frown lines. I feel they make me look stern and sever and each time I chance a glance of myself in the mirror, I am reminded of my old geography teacher – a witch who had deep gauges etched into her forehead...which seemed to become even more apparent whenever she addressed me! In the past I have tried botox to halt the habit of frowning – there is no question this works but I do feel that with time regular botox users’ foreheads start to move up into the hair line which frankly looks odd. I didn’t want that for my appearance so decided to opt for the Dermal Filler offer.

Juvederm Voluma was injected into the lines on my forehead – its not unlike botox in that there is some discomfort but by the time your mind is saying ow! it’s over. A very fast ‘quick-fix’ that they claim can last anything from 6-18 months with an immediate effect and I can endorse this. It really is rather wonderful and has softened my appearance dramatically. The lines are still there (if you really look) but they have been filled with the substance that, whilst taking advantage of the same hydrating properties of hyaluronic acid, creates a smooth, long-lasting formulation that brings back the shape and facial contours you desire.

I am extremely pleased with the results and will definitely re-visit the salon to try their teeth whitening. There are so many wonderful anti-aging or feel-good offers available at All Your Life I recommend visiting their web-site for more information at Trust me, a visit to this special haven and you will be able to enjoy all your life looking more youthful and consequently feeling wonderful!