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Question 1 - What are the fashion colours for Christmas?

Answer - This season’s word is balance. The same intensity needs to be used on eyes and lips. Colour is back with a vengeance for lips, so veer away from just gloss and try a daring pink or red. Eyes need to smoulder using eyeliner, and a great tip for evenings is to add a glitter one on top, guaranteed to get you noticed! Think young Elizabeth Taylor.

Question 2 - Someone suggested I use a cream with SPF in for the winter. Is this necessary?

Answer - your skin needs to be protected against the harmful UV A and UVB rays all year round. The factor needn’t be as high in the winter, but with a protective ozone layer I would advise you to either buy a cream with an SPF included (up to SPF 15) or use a separate SPF cream on top of your moisturiser. It is important though to give your skin break from this at night, hence the use of a separate cream.

Question 3 - My husband surprised me for Christmas by booking a luxury weekend away. Help, I need to fit into my evening dress, but I’ve only got 4 weeks and we’ve just had Christmas!

Answer - It is never too late to start a healthy lifestyle plan, and even with only a few weeks to go you will notice a difference. Your focus should involve healthy eating and an increase in exercise.

In the salon there are many ways to kick start this plan and speed up inch loss, aiding moral and confidence. Some treatments are best done as a course of sessions needing 2 or 3 weeks to see results. One such treatment is the G5, normally done as a course of 6. It is a mechanical massager giving a deep treatment to break up hard fatty deposits, particularly good for thighs and bums. It has 5 head attachments each simulating traditional massage movements, and has a gyrating motion improving circulation.

Another common salon treatment best done as a course, uses a faradic current to stimulate muscle tone, particularly good for general firming. Pads are applied to specific muscle groups. The current passes through the muscle causing it to contract. It is equivalent to gym work without the cardiovascular aspect.

Finally for a quick but temporary fix all salons offer a body wrap and although the products vary, the idea is the same. Extracts are used to stimulate the lymphatic system, and this combined with the use of bandages to wrap the body has an immediate slimming effect. The body loses excess toxins and tissue fluid, but due to the temporary measure, it is best done close to the event. Good luck.

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