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Have you ever thought of whitening your teeth? DIY or professional whitening, there is a vast array of options and prices, but what are the benefits of one over the other and which will be right for you!

There are a few things that are worth considering before embarking upon any whitening regime, firstly make sure you have plaque free teeth before starting treatment, so a trip to your hygienist or dentist is essential as plaque masks the tooth surface and needs to be removed. Ideally a Membership Programme such as our own will cover you for this, and will entitle you to other special benefits too.

Sensitivity to the bleaching gels can be avoided too by having your dental health checked. Gum disease can lie undetected in its early stages but needs to be corrected first otherwise the effect could be like pouring vinegar on a paper cut giving you increased sensitivity!

Any crowns, veneers or bridgework, will have been made to match your natural tooth colour, so please remember they will remain unchanged by the whitening process. The result of whitening will be to give you a ‘mismatched’ set of teeth; however don’t despair as this can be easily remedied by a dental professional so you can smile with total confidence once more.

Cheltenham Dental Spa & Implant Clinic can advise you on the method best suited to you and your budget and will address all these issues from the outset, ensuring you get the whitest smile possible!

• Teeth and gums should be assessed for suitability of treatment.

• If you have sensitive teeth then with professional advice painful long term effects will be avoided.

• A hygiene visit is essential prior to treatment to ensure you get the best results from your whitening. Plaque should be removed as it will mask that part of your tooth and any gum disease should be corrected first.

• Zoom Advanced Power and Enlighten are 2 of the most effective professional whitening treatments available.

• By using professional strength gels both are fast, safe and extremely effective, reducing risks of increased sensitivity as well as achieving results up to an amazing 10 shades lighter!

• Custom made top-up kits are provided which are used for a limited period only of ½ hour to 1 hour at a time and not overnight.

• By maintaining good dental hygiene, results will last
for 2-3 years.

Treat yourself this Christmas and take advantage of the Cheltenham Dental Spa and Implant Clinic ‘Sparkle Specials’ with whitening starting as little as £99! This could be your whitest, brightest Christmas yet!