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Summer's Here...


James Mccaffrey from Mccaffreys male Grooming takes a look at some of the most common problems the summer sun brings.

Afternoons spent on the golf course, weekly BBQ’s and the end of all that snow. The summer season lifts everyone’s spirits but with it comes a new set of grooming challenges for us men.

Problem : You’re feet are turning heads!

Solution: If the sight of your feet scares women and children alike its time you started to pay them some much needed attention. Infected nails, dry skin and general neglect are just not acceptable especially if you intend on wearing those flip flops. You can start by removing that dead skin, regularly moisturising and ensuring your nails are cut straight across to prevent painful in-growing nails. Alternatively you could leave the job to the professionals who will ensure your pedicure will leave your feet in perfect condition and ready for the summer season.

Problem: You’re so white you’re nearly transparent.

Solution: There are many self tanning products available on the market all promising you the perfect natural looking tan. In my opinion you should steer well clear of all of them and leave this job to the professionals. Patchy results, finger marks and an overall colour that actually makes you look more umpa lumpa than sun kissed are far too common results. A spray tan is way forward. Fear not as this will not leave you looking orange. The desired tan can go as light or dark as you want and is the safest way to build up some colour. I would recommend you start of the summer with one.

Problem: You want a tan but don’t want skin cancer.

Solution: Skin cancer is a growing problem as more and more people convince themselves they will achieve a better tan by not using any form of sun protection. This is not true and there are lots of products out there specifically designed to both protect your skin and let you get that much needed colour. Use sun cream with a high factor protection and gradually work down to a lower factor as your colour starts to build. This will ensure you tan last as long as possible!! For maximum protection also use a daily moisturiser with built in SPF as this will help your skin remain hydrated and provide extra protection.

Problem: You didn’t listen to the advice above.

Solution: You decided that low factor sun protection was the way forward and now you’re as red as a lobster. This is a common problem so here are a few tips in easing the pain. A strong after-sun product is essential. Ensure it has camomile as this with provide the most relief. Try and drink as much Vitamin C as possible as this will help repair any cell damage has caused your skin. This is also wear the SPF moisturiser really comes into its own and you should apply at least 3 times a day.

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