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The Parrot Bar & Grill

Laura Edwards reviews The Parrot Bar & Grill: Cheltenham’s only dedicated steak house. crack

Steak is always a favourable option for me in a restaurant, but I find I’m frequently let down when my food arrives. Steak seems to appear on a menu more out of obligation than consideration.

This was not the case at the Parrot Bar and Grill who have made steak their speciality. I enjoy this refined approach determining your restaurant’s offering; why serve everything at an average standard when you can excel in one area – and excel they do.

Having undergone a makeover in January of this year, it’s a transformative experience walking into the new Parrot. The welcoming room is lit by trendy candlelight, with upbeat jazz playing over the speakers. I’m greeted by a friendly waitress called Cheryle, who proves more than obliging when I quiz her on the different cuts of meat offered on the menu.

With Cotswold T-Bone and Herefordshire Angus Fillet you know all the meat is locally sourced; something that is fundamental to the Parrot’s ethos. For those who are less carnivorous there is chicken, fish, vegetable and pasta options. Being a true meat lover there was no question over whether I would order steak – it was just which one. I found I was torn between the 16oz Herefordshire Angus Rump and the 8oz Herefordshire Angus Sirloin. The rump presented the less fatty option but the Sirloin was described on the menu as ‘full of flavour’ – an enticing description. I mused about my choice out loud and my helpful waitress Cheryle solved the problem by telling me the chef would chop the fat off the Sirloin – decision made.

When the food arrived I was surprised by the generous portion size. My plate was overflowing with delicious triple-cooked chips, salad, onion rings, peas, grilled mushrooms and tomatoes but most importantly a perfectly medium to well-done steak.

The char-grilled flavour of the steak was exceptional; the quality of the meat shone through in the taste. All of the sauces at the Parrot are made using house stock and this was palpable in the peppercorn sauce I ordered on the side. The onion rings were satisfyingly filled not just consisting of batter as they do in many places.

The Parrot Bar and Grill has certainly impressed me and is by far the best steak I have had in a long time. They are right to pride themselves on their authentic Cotswold produce, as the quality is exemplary. As Cheltenham’s only steak house, anyone else would be hard pushed to top what the Parrot have created; I don’t believe steak can be done better than this.

The Parrot Bar and Grill.
4 North Place
GL50 4DW

Tel: 01242 526965