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Antique and cultural cruises

Jonty Hearnden invites you to join him on board the Balmoral for three special cruises with Miles Morgan Travel...

My life changed when I was given the opportunity at very short notice to travel to New Zealand when somebody offered me an airline ticket they no longer wanted.

I was a 19-year-old who had barely left the country, with very little money I arrived with no contacts, friends or Visa to enter. Fortunately a kind immigration officer took pity on me and allowed me in as long as I bought a ticket out of the country first.

18 months later having travelled through 15 different countries I realised I was a citizen of the world who had only scratched the surface of this amazing planet we live on. 30 years on, I still relish the opportunity to leave familiar surroundings and explore new and exciting places.

So, I am delighted that I have got together with Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines and Miles Morgan Travel. Miles Morgan Travel are an award-winning
independent agent who have a very experienced cruise team in their Montpellier branch in Cheltenham.

Together we have put together three Antique and Cultural cruises for 2012 which I will be hosting. Fellow passengers will have time to get to know me and ask the questions they’ve always sought answers to.

Through my on board lectures and individual meetings I will be able to share some of my antiques knowledge and experiences of working in television over the years.

The three cruises on offer will be on board the Balmoral which has always been a firm favourite with the British Cruiser: Departing on the 7th July 2012 to the Central Mediterranean, visiting Spain, Sardinia, Italy, Sicily, Algeria and Portugal.

Or the 12th September 2012 visiting the stunning Baltic cities to include the city of St. Peterburg, Russia as well as stops in Finland, Estonia, Germany and Denmark.

Finally we also can offer the 27th October 2012 to our nearby France and Spain which takes us to some of the prettiest places on the French and Spanish coast including La Rochelle, Bilbao and La Coruna. All cruises include free transport from Cheltenham to the port so you can relax and start your holiday as soon as you board the coach.

To find out more about these exciting cruises why not join me and the team from Miles Morgan Travel for and event at Cheltenham Racecourse
on Sunday 26th February at 11am. Call 01242 808549 for your free tickets. I look forward to meeting you!