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Restoring confidence

At the forefront of hair loss technologies, Rob Davidson-Lamb from Hairloss Solutions works locally on behalf of the NHS and is involved with several charitable organisations including Maggies. This month he explains the variety of tailored options available after Chemotherapy.

With over 11 years specialising in the art of expert hair loss solutions, I am passionate that men and women receive the best possible hair loss advice for the temporary phase after receiving cancer treatment.

I know hair loss due to Chemotherapy is one of the most distressing and stressful side effects of the treatment. Not all chemotherapy treatments cause hair loss, it depends on the type of drug and the dosage used.

This kind of hair loss sometimes happens because the drugs used effect all cells in the body including the cells of the hair follicles, not just the cancer cells. The healthy non-cancer cells affected by chemotherapy quickly recover, meaning that side effects like hair loss (also known as alopecia) are usually temporary.

Some loss of hair can happen as early as the second or third week of the first treatment but usually occurs after the second treatment and can include eyebrows and lashes. The fallout generally doesn’t follow a pattern and can happen very slowly or surprisingly quickly.

Some people lose some hair or all of their hair. When it grows back it sometimes has more texture or curl and even a slightly different colour. Before undergoing treatment, some clients choose to have a cropped hair cut and once hair loss begins some may choose to have no hair completely. This decision is very personal and can vary depending on the individual.

This scenario is a tough one for anyone to endure alongside all of the anxieties and life choices that this experience can bring. I know one’s confidence and identity are affected by any hair loss so I make sure my clients get the chance to explore the variety of hair loss solutions with a discrete, down-to-earth, personalised, undaunting and informative service. Feeling good about yourself must come first and I wll ensure my clients feel just that and recapture their original personality. The wig is just a temporary phase so I help my clients feel positive about getting this right.

I provide a full fitting, supply and customisation service to any individual undergoing chemotherapy. We specialise in replicating your hairstyle by perfectly matching your hair shape and colour then tweak the wig to perfectly match your own hair. At a completely no obligation cnsultation, I establish your exact needs and then we are able to adjust cut and customise the wig to suit you perfectly. All cnsultations are held in private treatment rooms on a one-to-one basis and a friend or family member can come along for support too. I can tailor wigs and hairpieces to suit any lifestyle or budget.

I have access to the finest wigs available worldwide from every major manufacturer and can offer both human hair and fibre wigs. We also design and manufacture bespoke wigs so have pieces available for all needs.

Some of my clients actually enjoy opting for a whole new look and ohers opt for having the wig exactly the same as their original hair style, both are easily available and affordable at Hairloss Solutions.

Many enjoy my ongoing advice post chemotherapy and I also offer a maintenance and renovation service with my wigs if required. Ultimately, my clients feeling happy and oozing confidence again with their chosen hair replacement system is my goal!

Hairloss Solutions is at Bare Faced Medical Aesthetics, 127 Promenade, Cheltenham, GL50 1NW. Tel: 01242 222690;;