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Robins striker Jeff Goulding shares all in this monthís Cheltonian exclusive player interview.

Have you ever wondered what itís like to be a professional footballer, playing week in, week out for a Football League club? This month, we bring you the next in our series of our exclusive player interviews which delve deep into the world of the first team squad at your local club, Cheltenham Town FC.

Q. What was your first impression of Cheltenham when you first came?
A. Itís a bit quieter than Iíve been used to living in London and down at Bournemouth but Itís a really nice town.

Q. Favourite restaurant in Cheltenham?
A. I havenít been out into Cheltenham as much as I would have liked but one of my favourites is Pizza Express.

Q. What car do you drive?
A. Mercedes CLC.

Q. Favourite food and drink?
A. Favourite food is probably Steak and Chips, and favourite drink is chocolate milkshake!

Q. What do you do to relax after a game?
A. Usually Iíll just put on a DVD and chill with my family.

Q. What was the last film you watched?
A. I watched a decent film the other day called Law Abiding Citizen.

Q. Favourite fashion brand?
A. It would have to be my friendís own clothing line, called ĎFresh Ego Kidí.

Q. What music do you like?
A. Iím really in to Hip-Hop and R&B.

Q. Do you have any other favourite sports? If Golf, what do you play off?
A. I donít mind a bit of Tennis and Golf. I play Golf in the summer with my mates but Iím not very good to be honest!

Q. Who has had the biggest influence on your career?
A. Itís a bit of a clichť but it would have to be my dad. Heís always supported my football and followed me wherever Iíve been.

Q. Best player you have ever played with?
A. Iím going to say Marlon (Pack).

Q. Toughest Opponent?
A. Itís a difficult one but Iíve got to say Tottenham when we played them in the FA Cup in January.

Q. Quickest player at the club?
A. Iíd say Mo (Kaid Mohamed).

Q. Best and worst dressed player at the club?
A. Worst dressed Iíve got to say Browny (Scott Brown). He wears those ĎTomsí that are supposed to be worn with shorts, but he wears them all year round, even with jeans! There arenít that may to be honest but even though know it will give him a big head, Iíll say Marlon!

Q. One for the future?
A. Again, Iíve got to say Marlon. Heís got everything. His all round game is great and I think thatís what you need to play at a higher level.

Q. Strangest moment whilst playing a game?
A. Itís going back a few years but whilst I was playing in non-league, there were two fans who spilled on to the pitch fighting. The whole game had to stop until they sorted themselves out so that was pretty strange!

Pick up next months edition as we Interview another member of the Cheltenham Town squad. Cheltenham Town are Gloucestershireís only professional Football League club, one of 92 in the country and you can be a part of the action.

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