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Staying on track

Jax Allen from Cheltenham based Fitness Solutions offers super Cheltenham Festival fat loss strategies...

We’re just about back on track following the excess of Christmas and now the Cheltenham Festival is upon us. A day or two at the races quaffing Champagne and eating chips can pile those pounds back on.

Strategy 1: Feast on protein
You’re contemplating what to eat. Go for turkey, ham, shellfish or salmon. Eat it, and only that, until you’re full.

Strategy 2: DON’T drink all your calories
Calories in drinks are wasted calories. Enjoy the experience and celebrate. The important thing is that you are prepared: Leading up to the Festival give up wine and spirits. If you do have wine, make sure it is a spritzer mixed with sparkling water. Make sure every other drink is a soft option to avoid belly fat.

Strategy 3: Know your first move
Before you go to the racecourse drink a large glass of water and wait 15 minutes before eating anything. Mingle with your friends.

Strategy 4: Be prepared
I’m sure you never go shopping hungry. Instead of starting the day with your stomach growling and mouth watering, eat a healthy meal before heading off.

Strategy 5: Be ‘normal’, arrive ‘full’
Don’t ‘save up’ calories all day by starving. You will overeat and a greater percentage of those calories will be stored as fat.

Strategy6: Deplete before a ‘big’ day
‘­Prep’ for a big day by adding a depletion workout the day before. Burn off stored energy by heading up Cleeve Hill for a good walk.

Strategy 7: Speed up your metabolism
Go with one of my metabolic fit-camp style workouts. You could do a 10 minute hard workout twice each day leading up to your busy Festival events. Learn how to plan cheat meals and reward days for special events such as during the Cheltenham Festival. I expect clients to live a full life with their favourite foods and drinks and still get great results. Enjoy the Festival and avoid putting on body fat!

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