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Emma Logan tried out the new fitness craze by Walking on the Moon...

I love trying out different forms of exercise in that quest for the perfect bod. Walking on the Moon is a revolutionary new type of fitness class available in Cheltenham, which I have to admit left the derriere sore for many days afterwards.

Walking on the Moon is the equivalent of a spinning class but instead of riding on a bike, it takes place on a permanently raised manual treadmill. There is a dial to increase or decrease the levels on which you have to move the treadmill with your feet.

The instructor Carmen, is enthusiastic and encouraging and motivates the class to walk at speed or shorter, harder bursts, moving your arms into three different positions, on the handlebars. There were people of all ages, fitness levels and shapes and sizes in the class, so one didn’t feel intimidated that it was going to be full of super slim athletes.

I can see that by Walking on the Moon even once a week, would make significant impact to not only your fitness levels but a fairly rapid way to lose weight and tone up quickly. At the end of the 45 minutes class, you lie on mats and Carmen takes you through a stomach routine, for maximum benefit.

I was pretty shattered afterwards but it was a great feeling. One’s endorphins are completely raised and you know you have had a good workout. I could feel the benefits immediately.

Walking on the Moon has a number of morning, lunchtime and evening classes and is conveniently located at The Cheltenham Film Studios in Hatherley Lane with ample, free parking.

At only £4.00 per class, it is excellent value for money and I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

For further information please visit Walking on the Moon. Tel: 07982 061307. Email: