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Performance tyres

A new tyre business has opened up on the Churchill Road estate just off Mead Road in Leckhampton, Cheltenham. ‘Get Grip’ is the brainchild of Richard Cooper who worked for a tyre company upon leaving school before becoming involved in the sales and retail side of the business.

Get Grip supplies an extensive range of tyres including an ‘on demand’ service for new tyres from all the major brands and budget tyres if required. Specific grades for commercial, summer and winter motoring are also available.

However, Richard’s speciality is ‘part worn tyres’ which are very cost-effective, as they start from as little as £9.00 and extremely good for the environment. All tyres undergo testing procedures by the dealerships before being thoroughly examined by Richard and Jenek. Once they fitted, they receive a third pressure check to ensure they are 100% safe for use.

Richard is aware that some people will be concerned over changing bald or damaged tyres with part worn replacements but he says that they do everything possible to guarantee the same quality as any of the new tyres they fit. After all, anyone buying a second hand car will inevitably be driving on used tyres.

The monetary saving for the customer is clear when new tyres come with 8mm of surface tread whilst part worn tyres average 4mm with a minimum of 3mm. Typically you can pay a similar price to have four part worn tyres fitted (about £25 each) as you would for one brand new mould costing £100.

Get Grip also offers a full tyre repair service from just £10 and all fitting and balancing is dealt with on site. They are open from 9.30am-6.00pm Monday to Friday and 9.00am-2.00pm on Saturdays.

Why not save yourself money and support this new local business next time your tyres need changing or repairing and you’ll be helping the environment too.

Get Grip, Unit 2, Church House, Churchill Road, Leckhampton, Cheltenham GL53 7EG. Tel: 07817 631444;