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Be ahead of the employment game

Pitman Training answers questions to how they can help you achieve employment goals in the workplace...

Q: I want to return to work after having children but haven’t worked in an office environment for 8 years. I was a PA, can you suggest a course for me to brush up on my skills?
A: Yes, we can. As it is a few years since you worked as a PA it is likely you will need to update your existing skills, and we can help you in a variety of ways whether you want to improve your typing speed or renew your Microsoft Office skills to the latest version. The first step is to make an appointment with our Course Tutor for your current skills to be assessed and a bespoke training plan drawn up for you. It is completely free and you can even try out the courses with a free taster session to help you to decide. Alternatively, we offer a variety of Diploma courses, including the Executive PA Diploma, which will ensure that you have all the skills required for the role you are looking for. Book a Free Skills Check Today when we will also be able to offer you a FREE Taster session in a course of your choice.

Q: Is shorthand a necessity anymore or are there jobs where it is advantageous?
A: Many companies still require their senior secretarial staff to know shorthand which is used for Minute Taking and taking detailed records of meetings. Shorthand may not be a requirement in every secretarial job but it is clearly advantageous to have shorthand if you want to be an Executive PA or apply for a Specialist Secretarial position. We can offer Teeline Shorthand which is the version of shorthand used by most companies today.

Q: What social media skills do you think are essential in the workplace?
A: Social media is one of the fastest growing areas of communication in terms of individuals as well as companies advertising their products and services. It is part of the Digital Revolution which has changed how we work and communicate. In the workplace there is an increasing expectation that you will be digitally literate which means that you know about social media, digital photography and possibly digital music. Our Digital Skills course will take you through all aspects of digital literacy to ensure that you have the skills that you will require.

Q: How long would it take to become a book keeper and what qualifications or knowledge should one have?
A: It is possible to become a book-keeper in as little as 4 weeks and the good news is that you do not need to have any prior knowledge or qualifications. Our Foundation in Book-keeping Diploma involves 120 hours of study. How quickly you complete the Diploma depends entirely on how many hours per week you can devote to completing the Diploma. If you can give 30 hours a week then it is possible to complete in 4 weeks. You may decide that you also want to be able to offer payroll skills in addition to Book-keeping skills – if you do then you could study our Accounting Technician Diploma which involves 200 hours of study and it is possible to complete it within 7 weeks. Book a Free Skills Check Today when we will also be able to offer you a FREE Taster session in a course of your choice.

Q: Is a Pitman Diploma recognised in the workplace as one with prestige as opposed to others?
A: It should not be a surprise that a Pitman Diploma is recognised in the workplace. Pitman Training has been existence for over 170 years and is recognised as the provider of quality training in Office & Business skills such as Book-keeping; Payroll; Touch Typing; Shorthand; Microsoft Office skills and much more. Visit our website to find out more –

Q: Can you tailor-make an internal training programme for the staff in my company?
A: Yes we can. We would need to talk to you about your specific training requirements so that we could tailor the training to meet your needs. We can look at different types of training delivery whether it is individual courses; workshops; seminars or even Distance Learning. Contact us today to talk to us about your training requirements

Q: Can you help people to find work? Unfortunately, I have to make staff redundant at the moment.
A: Yes we can help. We offer a CV writing service which will make your CV stand out and help you to get shortlisted. We offer a training course called Go…Get that Job which provides advice on how to look for a job; how to compile an excellent job application and how to prepare yourself for that all important interview. We can also offer bespoke training so that we can train your staff either at Cheltenham Pitman Training College or at a venue of your choice. This training would be delivered in a workshop style and will provide your staff with all the skills they require to Go…Get that Job!