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Online private jet bookings take off

The private jet sector is undergoing significant transformation by new technologies. Price comparison and online jet hire is now available at the touch of a button - and you can be airborne from Gloucestershire Airport in as little as ninety minutes with

The flexibility, convenience and VIP service of private jet charter are widely understood by both business and leisure travellers. You set your own schedule; avoid wasted time or delays at the airport; and fly a more direct route. It can also be surprisingly cost-effective, particularly for groups travelling together such as wedding parties and golf trips, as the price paid is for the whole aircraft - not per person.

Today’s private jet customer is significantly more cost-conscious and more demanding, expecting greater transparency, response speed and ease of booking - but without losing the VIP service and expertise which are paramount in this market. PrivateFly is leading the way in bringing private jet hire online.

Private jet booking service gives its members the ability to compare and book online. Its award-winning global platform pinpoints the most relevant and cost-effective options for every flight from over 7,000 accredited aircraft, including all types of business jet and helicopters. The streamlined online booking system offers instant onscreen price estimates for any global trip, backed by 24-hour, VIP customer service from an expert team who also manage every flight post-booking. The system makes private jet charter faster and easier than ever before – you can be airborne in as little as ninety minutes from your first enquiry.

Carol Cork, co-founder of PrivateFly believes that the future of the industry is online. “A few years ago many people believed that private jet customers would not use the internet to book a flight, but we are delighted to be proving them wrong. With the right level of industry expertise and VIP service to back it up, online and mobile technology is hugely beneficial to the fragmented private jet sector, providing dramatic improvements in transparency, response-speed and choice.”

A private jet-away from Gloucestershire Airport members can see instant, onscreen prices from Gloucestershire Airport in Staverton, to any global destination. Popular routes include business destinations such as Paris and Moscow - and the service is also increasingly used by leisure travellers who are also looking to avoid the wasted time of airline travel. The VIP passenger services at Gloucestershire Airport allow private jet passengers to arrive just minutes before a flight departs, even driving up to the aircraft steps if required. Private charter is based on hiring the whole aircraft.

Gloucestershire – Paris from £987 pp (from £6,910 for the whole aircraft), Citation Bravo (seats 7), 2 night return, Flight time: 0 hrs 58 mins.

Gloucestershire – Palma from £1,795 pp (from £14,350 for the whole aircraft); Citation XLS (seats 8);
3 night return; Flight time: 2 hrs 5 mins.

Gloucestershire – Moscow from £2,620 pp (from £23,580 for the whole aircraft); Hawker 900 (seats 9);
3 night return; Flight time: 3 hrs 35 mins.

* All prices are estimates, subject to aircraft availability and are based on chartering the whole aircraft. For complimentary membership or more information email:;
Tel 01747 642 777 (24hrs);