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Robyn Morrison reviews the Marvel blockbuster, The Avengers Assemble.

For someone who is yet to be converted to the world of geeky comic books and the big screen blockbusters that have inevitably followed, I could only hope that Marvel’s latest two-and-a-half hour superhero movie would be tolerable if nothing else. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. Appropriately for the genre, trouble begins when megalomaniac trickster, Loki (Brother of hero Thor) steals the all-powerful cosmic energy cube, The Tesseract. By kidnapping and brainwashing astrophysicist Erik Selvig and expert marksman Hawkeye, Loki hopes to use the cube to summon an alien army as part of his evil scheme for world domination.

Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and Bruce Banner aka The Incredible Hunk have all had time in the limelight as stars of their own feature length films but now the superhumans are accompanied by the lesserknown Hawkeye, BlackWidow, agent Coulson and newcomer Agent Maria Hill, all summoned together by Nick Fury. As head of international peacekeeping force S.H.I.E.L.D it’s his task to tame the hero’s egos and get them to join forces as ‘The Avengers’ to prevent a global catastrophe.

The story brings together the six superheroes as they are forced to co-operate to save the world, tying up plot threads created by its five prequels from Marvel Studios. If you haven’t seen the prequels don’t worry, as each hero’s character is summarised in the first act and you shouldn’t have any trouble at all following the plot.With the exception of a few comic book in-jokes the humour is universal. Set to compete with The Dark Knight Rises and The Amazing Spiderman as this season’s biggest superhero movies, The Avengers Assemble is a highly commercial product that has smashed previous records for both first and second weekend box office takings, whilst remaining authentic to its comic book roots.

Each of the characters has been given enough screen time to shine through, no mean feat with this cast and the witty inter-character banter abounds and the action doesn’t disappoint either. Most surprisingly, although the film features all the elements to excite die-hard fans, the comedy script and punch lines present a refreshing take on the comic blockbuster which will entertain any audience. This film truly is a marvel!