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Feed the family for a fiver

Ali Nightingale shares her delicious recipe for a speedy dish...

This is a recipe that puts the ease back into easy. If you shop with a budget in mind, you can easily bring this in under a £5 spend. Everyone is feeling the pinch at the moment, but I have consciously made big savings in my food bill by making low priced meals using bargain cuts. Not only is this meal simple and inexpensive, but there is basically no prep time at all. It is simply a case of throwing the ingredients into a big roasting pan, chucking it into the oven and walking away for 45 minutes.

The essentials are chicken pieces and fresh tomatoes, but you can get creative and add all manner of herbs, vegetables and spices according to preference. In my case it is often w hat else I have lurking in the fridge or store cupboard that needs using up. It’s worth noting that 2 chicken leg quarters in Aldi cost 99p. Six thighs cost less than £2.00. I shop around online to see which supermarkets are offering the best prices.

8 x Chicken Thighs or 4 x Chicken
Leg Quarters
500-600g of Cherry Tomatoes (59p
for 250g in Aldi)
1 x whole bulb of Garlic, sliced in half
Fistful of herbs (basil is great, so is
Big splash of Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Pre-heat oven to around 190 C. Throw it all into a big roasting pan. Yes, it is that simple. No need to peel the garlic. Place the chicken pieces in the pan, surround with the tomatoes, add the garlic halves, splash with olive oil, top with herbs, season and pop into the oven for 45 minutes. The tomatoes break down during the cooking process, and make a lovely fresh sauce.

Why not try some of these additional ingredients?
Chilli, sliced red peppers, large red onion - quartered, slices of lemon, a bulb of fennel, tiny new potatoes (par-boil these first for 10 minutes). Serve in shallow bowls, with crusty baguette. *Prices correct at time of writing.