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TV times

Euro 2012, Wimbledon, Test cricket, T20 cricket, US Open Golf, Olympics. Single man’s dream and a juggling act to the rest, says Shane Duff

With all this sport being televised in the summer months I don’t really know if I have time for anything else. One thing is for certain, if I was to tune into all of it I would definitely be getting a lot of ear ache from ‘her indoors’.

Gone are the days when I was a young single man and free to watch everything sporty and get away with it. I was definitely the man to have in sports quiz as my knowledge base was pretty good. Today is a different story. I definitely feel as if I am missing out on developments.

I turned over last week to the England cricket One Day International against West Indies to see Alex Hales smashing it around the park, but I found I knew nothing about Alex Hales. I was disappointed in myself and had to call my good friend Craig Lambert in Canberra, Australia to fill me in on his credentials.

I have been desperate to get my girlfriend Jo into the Euro’s so I can then watch more of it, but she hasn’t been such a pushover. I have been rationed to specific games. I think I have managed to influence her a little as last week she jotted down her favourite 11 footballers during the England Sweden game and presented it to me.

To my joy and her blind loyalty I even made the cut!! In all honesty I think she probably only knows 10 other footballers so I scraped in by default. I am concerned as she quite fancies the players picked and Carlos Tevez is one of them!!! That’s hard to take that is... Not exactly a Brad Pitt of the World.

Also I read last week that there had been a huge surge in women dating online during the Euro’s due to their partners watching so much and neglecting their women. I had a group discussion about this and found that most women found this to be acceptable... I’m sorry but I am sticking up for the guys here. If the boot was on the other foot and men went out dating because their partner was watching too much CSI, I certainly don’t think that it would be accepted so freely.

In my spare time I have come up with a perfect solution. Get a sponsor to pay for 6 televisions, grab some headphones, order groceries in, block book 6 weeks off work to watch it all... and most importantly turn off the internet so the partner/wife can’t get online! Sorted.

All a bit of fun. Football season will be back soon. Can’t wait to get down to CTFC and cheer the boys on.