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Planning a return to work?

Emma Logan discovers a company that will give you the right training for a successful career ahead.

By September there will be many parents sending their children off to school for the first time, seeing them start Secondary education or those whose off-spring are about to embark on a University or College degree.

It is at this time that one may reconsider our lives and feel this is the time to get back into the work place and grow a life for ourselves. This is can be a daunting experience if one hasn’t worked for a considerable amount of time, as we have all seen for ourselves how rapidly technology and the pace of life moves on.

Pitman Training, a national company with a Cheltenham office based in Rodney Road has had years of experience understanding global employment trends and is therefore able to train individuals to market requirements.

The company offers over 125 courses but their unique point is, that people can choose when they come in to study, so the courses can work around current jobs, children and school holidays. Flexibility is the key here.

After contacting Pitman Training, a person will make an appointment to go into the offices where they will be assessed to see where they currently are through their skills sets, confidence and ability. There may be people who have no experience whatsoever but regardless, Pitman Training will aim to find a career choice suitable for all individuals with a Diploma designed for this purpose. These can be from office, business and IT courses, to core admin skills including payroll, accounts and book keeping.

There are management courses which include leadership skills, marketing and communication and specific training for positions such as a Medical Secretary whose job can expect to receive a salary of £25,000-£27,000 per annum. For individuals who have had previous experience in the work place but maybe a number of years ago, there is a course called ‘Fast’ which bridges the gap from Microsoft 2003 bringing one up to speed with the Microsoft packages from 2007 and 2010. They also offer Pitman Awards which include a number of courses.

These are built individually and may include Shorthand reminders, increasing typing speed or learning how to work Powerpoint. These awards and courses can be ideal for individuals who need a confident boost and are apprehensive about returning to the workplace.

After finishing a Diploma or multiple courses, Pitman Training will assist with the creation of a CV. They will look at your existing CV and make recommendations, though they have a template which students can use and they will give practical advice and tips on job hunting, application forms and interview technique. In addition they offer a professional CV writing service for a non-student of the centre.

A Pitman Training Diploma is highly regarded in the work place and often gives an applicant an edge over others when applying for a position within a company.

Many businesses contact Pitman Training direct, to ask to be kept informed of suitable candidates who they know will be trained to the high standard so many companies require in today’s work place. Tailor-making a course to one’s own specific skill-set or requirement can prove to be very advantageous. This can be from someone who is undertaking a PA diploma but would like to cover book keeping and payroll for example, or the student who recently made sure she covered PR, so she could write press releases on behalf of a company. Pitman Training courses make sure that what is out of the ordinary makes the individual exceptional.

For further information on courses and Diplomas contact: Pitman Training, 27 Rodney Road Cheltenham. GL50 1HX. Tel. 01242 228080;