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SONY returns to Cheltenham

The world-famous brand that brought us the iconic Walkman, minidisc player and portable CD player is back in Cheltenham.

Weeks after closing, SONY Centre in Regent Arcade has been given a new lease of life by electronics merchant John Hutchinson. The former Panasonic store on the ground floor has now been rebranded as a SONY Centre, and Hutchinson has moved his Panasonic stock back to his High Street electrical store.

The multinational electronics brand is synonymous with quality and creativity, and Hutchinson explained that the new store has got off to a flying start: “Regent Arcade lends itself to high-tech products and we are already well-versed in SONY”.

So which products does John think are the future of home entertainment? “SONY Internet TV is fantastic: it allows you to enjoy the best of the web from the comfort of your living room. You can watch what you want, when you want, with an ever-expanding choice of online
videos and TV services streamed straight to your TV”.

“The 3D Home Cinema systems and 3D Blu-ray Disc™Players bring a whole new world of 3D entertainment for you to discover-and you’ll find everything you need to experience lifelike Full High Definition 3D TV with BRAVIA® TVs."

As Hutchinson explains, SONY work hard to finetune their products to create the highest quality possible.

“SONY have spent more than 60 years making picture and sound clearer, sharper and more lifelike. And with the advancements in picture quality, connectivity and 3D in our latest LED and flat panel TVs, you can see just how real a picture can get.”

Brand new art gallery White Crescent and retro sweet shop Fizzy Lips are causing a buzz here at Regent Arcade! With a studio based in Camden, White Crescent offers an unparalleled selection of contemporary paintings and sculptures. Focusing on the latest wall décor and colour trends, their merchandising team carefully select the range of sophisticated and special pieces- all at reasonable prices. Come and take a look at their beautiful gallery on the ground floor, and see the paintings that everyone’s talking about!

Also new to the ground floor is Fizzy Lips, a unique confectionery store stocking everything sugary, from the classic favourites to rare American candy. Get your fix of Marshmallow Fluff or Lucky Charms here, along with some curious confections such as coconut M&Ms!

Traditional sweet tooths will love their delightfully nostalgic sugar mice, fruit pips and flying saucers. Come and visit the store on the ground floor of Regent Arcade (but don’t forget to brush your
teeth afterwards!)…