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Property With Passion

Michelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw on as she has bought and sold hundreds of homes all shapes and sizes, all over Cheltenham for a dozen years ormore with numerous local agencies large and small. She has an impressive network of contacts and the most extensive knowledge of every major area of Cheltenham and environs.

She says, “The fact that the Internet is now very much the key to property marketing these days, with almost all property purchases and sales starting with 'a click' means it’s all about knowledge, contacts and network, more perhaps than it is about smart slick expensive offices and strings of corporate branch offices.

“My small new start-up consultancy which I prefer to be known as that opposed to an Estate Agent - can market properties in the very same way that a large agency can now the web is the key. Of course, not having the expensive plush office means my clients will get a very fair fee deal from me. They will pay for my effort, knowledge, expertise and contacts and not rates in The Prom at sky high commercial rent.

"A key reason why people are not moving so much right now is partly due to the lending pressures, but, also because of the cost of moving. In these tough financial times people are thinking very carefully about the affordability of moving home these days as much in a way as they consider their mortgage payment. Passion, energy ,experience, optimism, knowledge and perhaps just a little bit of luck are probably what you need to launch a new business in the property industry sector these days in the face of static prices continued pressure on borrowing and a sharply challenging trading marketplace.”

Service will be as important as fee levels for Michelle at Cook Residential. She knows what frustrates people about Estate Agents and she has put procedures into place to ensure client satisfaction.

COOK Residential are open seven days a week and offering competitive ‘Get Moving’ fees.