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Stop Smoking Campaign: How to deal with the fat!

Cheltonian readers it is 4 months since I’ve stopped smoking and rather than feeling hugely better, I have that dreaded feeling of now being - fat. I have decided though to take complete stock of the situation and have recently started working out once a week with Chris Pound, a personal trainer who works at Fitness First based in The Brewery. I am going to be writing a monthly blog on my progress as I know this is an issue which concerns so many people wanting to give up smoking. I have had 3 sessions with Chris (and though I have already told him I really don’t like him), he is so far a great motivator and actually a hugely nice person!

Eight years ago, Chris was obese – he weighed 16 stone and therefore fully understands the difficulties people face with changing eating and exercise habits for a healthier lifestyle. Chris explained to me that I need to shake up my normal routines in the gym and need to introduce circuit training with 3 good bursts (only 2 minutes of each) of high intensity cardio.

Session 1: All started very enthusiastically from my side but I soon realised I have been doing everything hopelessly wrong for months, probably years and I’m just setting myself up for injury. When I ran my 2 minute bursts, Chris told me to run on the balls of my feet, not my big plods. What a difference that has already made. My calves are stronger and firmer and though I can’t run quite as far as normal, I know that with a bit of practice and time I will be going a lot faster.

Session 2: Chris has to change a few things during the routine just because I was struggling somewhat and he was determined not to let my old habits injure me. I looked like a boiled tomato by the end. I don’t think I’ve sweated so much but am beginning to think I quite like the feeling.

Session 3: The best so far for me in terms of enjoyment and knowing this is making a difference. My legs are definitely leaner from the change of running stance and the extensive arm routines have a feeling of impact immediately. I think it’s already working. I am exhausted but an hour later I am feeling on top of the world. Let’s see if this can continue…

So be fit like the athletes with the help of Fitness First. For more information call 0844 571 2841.