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Three of the best moves for shapely legs

Personal trainer Jodie Hart shows you how to get pins to be proud of...

Why do it? It’s a great thigh toner, working the large muscle groups which are the front of the thighs, hamstrings and bottom plus it’s great for core strength. Stand tall, feet hip width apart, take a big step forward with your right leg allowing both knees to bend, the left knee travels towards the floor and ensure your right foot lands on your heel not your toes and check your knee do not extend beyond your toes. Pause and then drive through the right heel to return back to the start position. Repeat on the other side. Do three set of ten reps. Add weight in your hands to make is more challenging.

Why do it? It targets the back of the thighs and the bottom. Lie on your back with your feet on the swiss ball and your arms by your side for balance. Lift your body of the ground to form a straight line from your shoulders to your feet. Then roll the ball in towards your bottom by bending your knees. Draw it in as far as you can, pause and then roll it back out again. Do three sets of ten reps.

Why do it? It works your calf muscles and improves injury resistance. Stand on a stair or step with your heels extending over the edge. Rise up on your toes, and then drop slowly down so your heels are lower than your heels are lower than the balls of your feet. Do three sets of 10 reps.

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