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Back to the grind

Emma Logan moves into her 2nd month of Personal Training with Chris Pound based at Fitness First

On arrival at my 1st session after my holiday Chris was being ‘really nice to me’. He had rightly guessed that I had over indulged in every way (though still not smoking!) so during this session, he said he’d be kind and we’d concentrate on some extra cardio, to ease me back into things. Funny that; within 5 minutes he was putting me through my paces including making me do those ridiculous things called burpees. (Goodness knows why, because all it makes me do is abuse him like a fishwife.) I have to say that on my way home it felt refreshingly good being properly trained again by an expert.

It was the 2nd session that really did it for me. It started off with what could only be described as horrendous, horrible and hideous – but OMG how effective. You read everywhere nowadays that the most effective training is intervals, which are short-bursts at maximum intensity with a good rest in between. Apparently according to some studies you only need 10 minutes a week in total. I think not. But then, Chris put me on the cross trainer and under close supervision pushed me to my limit for only 20 seconds x3 times – I cannot tell you how it completely knocked the wind out of me to the point where I lay down and couldn’t move.

Chris was superb though and made sure I was recovered properly before showing me lactic training followed by training in one’s fat-burn zone - now that’s more like it! I can see why these routines are so effective as my stamina has increased significantly during my normal gym sessions. Have got a week off now thank goodness to recover; off to Chicago with the man to watch The Ryder Cup. I’m beginning to dream that one day I could emulate one of those Team USA wives – you know the kind; immaculately toned, neat little waists, shapely calves, not even the slightest hint of a bingo wing. Whilst I’m at it maybe I should also invest in some caramel streaks through my lush, swinging hair, a set of tippex white teeth to compliment the new rhinestone jacket over teeny shorts, to show off those shapely pins in American tan tights.…Wow, I am starting to feel good, thanks Chris!

For details of personal training with Chris Pound, please contact him on: 07989 304941 or email: