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Odds-on Favourite

Sophie Everett, local professional make-up artist provides some useful tips…

The excitement for this year’s National Hunt season is gathering pace and people often ask me how they can achieve a glamorous make-up look that will stay put all day. So here are some of my top make-up tips that will mean you can focus on your winnings and not worry about what you look like!

To keep your make-up looking fresh all day my ‘must have’ product is a face primer. Apply it underneath your foundation and it will give you a smooth base for the make-up to be applied onto. My favourite face primer is Chantecaille Anti-Glycation Primer, it’s quite pricey but you will only need to a little bit each time.

To keep that ‘freshly applied make-up look’ it’s essential to use a good quality foundation. Use foundation instead of a tinted moisturiser as it has more staying power and will maintain a good look even through the cold and winds that whistle through the racecourse. If you are going to splash out on anything, make it a foundation, I love Chantecaille Future Skin; it’s worth every penny. So that you don’t have to spend hours in queues for the loo at the course, make sure you apply your lipstick well in the morning and it will last a really long time.

First blot your lips with a tissue to remove any grease. Then, with a nude lip liner or a small amount of foundation and a thin flat brush cover your lips to create a base. Next, apply your chosen colour of lip pencil along the edges of the lips and fill the lip in, then sweep over a dusting of loose fine powder and apply another coat of lipstick. For the remainder of the day, you will just need to simply top up with lipstick. Finally keep a blusher or bronzer with you in your handbag. If it is a cold and windy day at the course, you want to keep your face looking fresh, not freezing and pale! Try Chanel Blushers, a very versatile colour is Rose Petale 99.

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