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Fitness First Cheltenham launches weight loss your way

Taking weight loss to a new level, Fitness First Cheltenham is launching a completely unique, made-to-measure fitness plan. Weight Loss Your Way, the freepersonal weight loss programme will launch in Fitness First clubs by January 2013. With government body UKActive announcing that obesity will reach 50 billion people by 2020, eventually bankrupting the NHS, there has never been a better time to disregard fad diets that have no longevity. Fitness First’s group slimming programme focuses on a lifestyle change, not a diet, by uniquely bringing together three basic elements:


Unlike traditional weight loss programmes, Weight Loss Your Way is designed to speak to the 80% of the population that fear the gym or felt it wasn’t quite right for them. Tackling this problem head-on, the plan begins with a personality test to determine what kind of fitness regime would suit you, determining how your choices are affecting your weight. Are you motivated by big classes, or one-to-one sessions? Are you creative with your menus or do you eat the same thing every night? This test will help pinpoint what motivates you, what support you need and which weight loss elements will work for you. After chatting this through with a Fitness First expert, they will design a programme to help you achieve your goal in a manageable way.

Following this, the Weight Loss Your Way programme will offer members ongoing:

• Weekly group exercise classes: An achievable fitness class that is designed to help members lose weight and change attitudes towards exercise;
• One-to-one catch-ups with the expert fitness team: To help members overcome problems and to feel supported throughout the process;
• Regular gym Floor sessions and team workouts with advice and motivation: To encourage progress through support and advice from other likeminded members;
• Complimentary handbook with tips and advice: To offer 24/7 advice and support on all fitness and weight loss. This includes a fitness diary to track your progress Whether you prefer group motivation, or would prefer to take the journey alone, the team at Fitness First Cheltenham understand goals and are here to support throughout the process in a way that suits you. Whether advice is required on exercise, healthy eating or simply some positive mind tips and motivational pointers, the Weight Loss You Way Team are in it for the marathon, not the sprint.

Fitness First, The Brewery, Henrietta Street, Cheltenham. GL50 4FA. Tel: 0844 571 2841;