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Experience counts

Eric Barton meets up with the team at specialist law firm Festival Law

We all need highly-trained experienced professionals to administer the finer points of help and guidance in many areas. None more so than in the field of law… and particularly personal injury medical negligence and industrial disease claims.

The team of legal experts at Festival Law in Cheltenham is made up of Partners, Julia Briano and Ann-Marie Whelan who are joined by Senior Lawyers, Peter Lodge and Mark Ovington. Any client who comes to Festival Law can be assured that their case will be dealt with by a Lawyer who has over fifteen years of individual experience in handling these types of niche cases. The team have worked together since the early nineties and are a rarity in that they’re all Cheltenham born and bred and so have a unique handle on the local business scene. In a World of call centres and voice automated drone - like options, it’s refreshing to note that Festival Law have more of a personal touch.

Julia Briano comments, “We feel it’s hugely important that all our clients can contact us directly and speak with us personally at all times.” Now that is comforting. Ann-Marie Whelan adds, “We really encourage our clients to pop in and see us, or if that’s not possible we’re more than happy to make a home visit.”

It is reassuring that this advice is all free with no costs up front or other hidden charges. There’s a clear message from the outset when you appoint the team at Festival Law to take up your case. It’s pivotal on giving you honest, practical advice from the very beginning, keeping you updated throughout the whole process of any claim and ensuring that you receive the full compensation you’re entitled to.

Ann-Marie Whelan is adamant when she further comments, “If your injury claim is accepted on a no win – no fee basis, then you will receive 100% of your compensation. It’s as simple as that”. Only recently the team have settled damage claims ranging from £2,500 to over £500,000. They are a very close knit team of highly trained professionals who believe in putting their clients first. The vast majority of their work comes from personal recommendations and not from some faceless claims injury company.

Peter Lodge simply says, “We are all on the same wavelength here which can only be a good thing for our clients”. None of us can really afford to be off work these days if an accident happens and it’s reassuring to know that there’s a dedicated team of experienced professionals able and willing to take up your case to make a claim on your behalf.

For more information; Tel: 01242 633776 / 0800 669 6012.