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RE9 Advanced Skin Formula for Men, is now available through leading skincare company, Arbonne

What makes men's skin different from women's skin?
Men's skin is oilier and more acidic. Their skin is denser and thicker but steadily becomes thinner with age. Men's skin is also firmer due to the higher levels of collagen but with ageing, collagen levels decrease dramatically. Once the process of aging starts the skin rapidly loses its firmness and tone and deep wrinkles start to form.

Arbonne RE9 Advanced for men is an advanced line of grooming products that addresses the specific skin care needs of men. Skin soothing botanicals comfort skin and soothe razor burn, for the ultimate comfortable shave. Clinically proven ingredients start working immediately to minimise the signs of ageing smoothing fine lines and improving overall skin texture.

First, start with the invigorating exfoliating wash that exfoliates and helps prevent ingrown hairs. Next use the shave gel, formulated with anti-friction properties to increase glide and deliver a smooth comfortable shave. Follow with the post shave balm to comfort and soothe skin and finally apply the facial moisturiser with SPF20 to protect skin from sunburn while helping to reduce visible signs of fatigue, stress and ageing.

Prices for the RE9 Advanced For Men from Arbonne start at £18. To order, go to and use ID number 440016260.