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In safe hands

The Relief of Finding One Treatment to Banish All Ailments – Emma Logan reckons she has discovered it

One sometimes receive poor treatments in the hands of a therapist, there are often good or very good treatments to be had but it is very rare in my book, to experience a treatment so exceptional that you cannot believe it’s actually happened.

Now this was the initial problem - Alison Rodgers is a great friend of my best friend; she asked me if I would like to try her Reflexology so I could write a review. No hesitation there until I thought, crikey, what if it’s rubbish? Write a bad review (which may I add, I would have no hesitation in doing as I always remain impartial), then I could see the best friend who happens to be a tenacious northerner as no longer the best friend!

What a relief therefore, to not only have outstanding Reflexology but to experience something, which I can only imagine what floating on a fluffy cloud would feel like. Firstly, this really is relaxing. Ali doesn’t waffle throughout the treatment thank God and only talks at the beginning as part of the consultation process. I literally sunk into her couch and zoned out, whilst she applied pressure to my feet, sorting out all the imbalances corresponding to my body. One hour later that was me sorted, a new woman.

Let me explain I saw Ali twice and my complaints were as follows: Sore shoulders, bad neck especially the left side, horrendous sinuses after 1 week of acute cold, 1 week of acute abuse at the Racing Festival so never getting over the acute cold the week before, totally stressed from a few worries and bad insomnia for a week.

Result: Neck was ‘cured’ and shoulders dropped and ‘chilled out’. Best of all that horrendous pain and nagging in the front of my face and
head caused by the blocked sinuses evaporated. The cold came out (yes lots of snotty nose) and quickly subsided and I have started enjoying fantastic deep, stress free sleeps.

That’s it for me – I am now putting this treatment into my monthly budget as it is medicinal not a luxury; though it is THE most luxurious medicine I have ever tasted!

Alison Rodgers Reflexology. Tel: 07540 808747. Email: