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Your summer essential treatment

Robyn Morrison visits The Clarins Skin Spa for a luxurious pre-summer body treatment

After a cold, wet and thoroughly uninspiring Spring, we can all be forgiven for looking pale and uninteresting. Personally, I have been feeling washed out and in need of a natural glow. The Clarins Skin Spa hidden away on the first floor of Cavendish House has the answer. The Sun Glow treatment offers the ultimate tanning treatment for the face and body, with a skin-smoothing exfoliation and a deeply pampering application of the award-winning Clarins Self-Tanner.

The Clarins Skin Spa is a hub for relaxation away from the busy activity of shoppers in the town centre. From the moment you walk through the glass door and sink into a comfy leather chair, you immediately feel a sense of serenity and calm. The soft scent of aromatherapy oils and gentle tones of relaxing music make it easy to unwind while you wait for your treatment.

I was warmly greeted by Heather, who was my therapist for the treatment and taken to a room with a heated bed covered in soft, fluffy towels. For the body conscious amongst us, the friendly and professional therapists, dimly lit room and process of the treatment means you need not feel exposed at any stage. The Clarins treatment is a blissful sensory experience that addresses the way you look and feel.

The treatment begins with a face and body massage, using Clarins Exfoliating Body Scrub applied to the skin with a methodical technique. This scrubs, buffs and removes all dry skin to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. After this process is complete, you jump into the shower and take your pick of Clarins shower concentrates to remove the scrub. My skin was now soft, moisturised and polished to perfection.

The tanning process was simple. First, Heather massaged the Clarins Liquid Bronze For Face into my skin, to give my face and neck a soft, natural glow, then the Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel was applied to the rest of my body. This is a clear lotion that develops over 4 to 8 hours and is also available to buy to use at home.

The result of the treatment was an all over gorgeous, long-lasting golden tan. So, whether you're planning on spending your holiday in the Cotswolds or have a more exotic location in mind, a visit to The Clarins Skin Spa for a Sun Glow treatment should be top of your essentials list this June.

The Clarins Skin Spa is open Mon-Wed 9am-5.30pm; Thurs-Sat 9am-6pm; and Sunday 11am-5pm. Tel 01242 584371.