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Fancy some celebrity style pampering?

Ok. So your nails are perfect, your hair is styled, your eyelashes are stuck, you’ve been to the gym, you are eating healthily and drinking lots
of water (with the exception of a few cheeky wines!) So is there anything else that you can possibly do to ensure that you are making the most of what you have and are presenting yourself in the best possible way?

The answer is yes – the latest beauty treatment if you haven’t heard of it already is Hd brows. This is the ultimate in female grooming... and not available in many beauty salons in Cheltenham. Yet.

I was offered the treatment by Hayley at The Beauty Room and jumped at the chance. As a blonde I have always been fairly lucky when it comes to my eyebrows – over the years I have seen the pain and torture that some of my darker haired friends have had to go through, and now many of them don’t have any eyebrows at all, and instead pencil them on! The downside of being blonde is that if you don’t do anything to them from a distance it can look like you don’t actually have any.

En route to The Beauty Room I started to mildly panic that as a blonde I was going to emerge an hour later with thick, heavy, dark eyebrows... but I shouldn’t have worried. Hd brows is more than a beauty treatment – it’s an experience.

Hayley explained that it is a procedure that follows a seven step process incorporating tinting, waxing and threading which is suitable for anyone – for those who have never touched their eyebrows and also for those who have over plucked them.

If you fall into the latter category then no fear - you can be put on the regrowth programme! Hd brows are not a one step shape or design. Hayley will create a bespoke look for each client to ensure they get the best shape for their face shape image and personality.

The treatment takes an hour, and the 7 steps are preparation, personal consultation, custom blending, designing, creating and tailoring the shape, and customizing the aftercare advice. A patch test must be done 48 hours before, and this can be posted to client upon booking appointment saving time coming to salon.

After an hour I left The Beauty Room and I couldn’t resist comparing the before and after shots – and what a difference! No sparce looking brows, no heavy black rims, just perfectly coiffed, excellently shaped, beautiful brows. And I couldn’t resist buying the brow kit for everyday upkeep!

At The Beauty Room the Hd brows cost just £25, and you can benefit from the aftercare products too. For more information please call Hayley on 07881 423 167. You will not be disappointed.