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The World's End

Robyn Morrison reviews the third and final part of the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy – Edgar Wright’s The World’s End

With the belly-laugh inducing Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz already under his belt, Edgar Wright has returned with the third and final part of the ‘Cornetto’ trilogy and boy, has he saved the best for last.

Following in the same vain as his previous cinematic successes, The World’s End is a sci-fi adventure comedy about a group of men who feel increasingly out of touch with the world as they approach middle age. In a bid to overcome their midlife discontent, they set out to complete the pub crawl they were unable to conquer in their youth.

Simon Pegg heads the cast playing Gary King, a highly immature and obnoxious 40-something, who still dresses in the same long Matrix-style trench coat that he did when he was a teenager and who is tragically nostalgic about the past.

In a bid to go back to the peak of his existence, his delinquent youth, Gary brings five of his old school friends back together to recreate old times in their dull hometown of Newton Haven. The gang includes his best friend Andy, played by Pegg’s comedy side-kick Nick Frost, Steven (Paddy Considine), Oliver (Martin Freeman) and Peter (Eddie Marsan).

While in Shaun of the Dead they battled zombies and in Hot Fuzz the gang tackled a group of crazed small-town locals, in The World’s End they come together with laddish camaraderie to take on their biggest challenge – a pub crawl with the world at stake.

Things get serious when they realise that their home town is now run by aliens who have taken the form of the local townspeople. The gang are forced to roll up their sleeves for ‘Barmageddon’, an almighty pub brawl.

The chemistry between Pegg and Frost, as ever, just works. Team this with a quick, witty script and a nod to pub crawls, male bonding, bad cars, eccentricity and the very British way of handling a crisis – and you have The World’s End, a must-see final part of the Cornetto trilogy.