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Out of holiday shape?

Sophie Atkin from Reach Fitness in Cheltenham gives some practical advice to get back in shape after the long summer holidays

Sophie Atkin knows her stuff – she’s a highly qualified personal trainer that also teaches teaches Spin and circuit classes and runs her own Boot Camp, Sophfit at Churchdown school three times a week.

We can all be guilty of having drunk too many exotic cocktails and gorging out on baguettes over the summer period and Sophie says the best way to get back into shape quickly is through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This keeps your exercise routine varied to prevent boredom for you and your muscles. Strength work is so important but so is getting the technique right. One of Sophie’s clients has recently had a knee operation and by concentrating on upper body weights, her whole posture has changed whilst increasing bone density.

Sophie says, “One has to just bite the bullet and remember that great feeling when you’ve done a good session which gives you an adrenalin rush and raises your endorphins. If you’ve got someone to answer to such as a personal trainer or a work-out buddy you are more motivated to turn-up to the gym as you can’t let them down.”

At Sophie’s Churchdown Boot Camp, there are people of all ages and fitness abilities so all her exercises can be modified to one’s

For a total body HIIT, Sophie has devised the following programme, which you can do at home. Do 10 reps of each exercise twice with no stops. Rest for 1 minute and then complete the circuit 2-3 more times.

1. Squat Jumps.
2. Press Ups.
3. Burpees with Mountain Climber – bring your foot round to your hand so opening up your hip and bending the knee.
4. Star Jumps.
5. Toe Touches – arms and legs.
extended, opposite fingers to toes.

Sophie Atkin can be contacted at: Reach Fitness, Sandford Parks Lido,
Keynsham Road, Cheltenham GL53 7PU. T: 01242 257700 or 07525 002808