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We're the Millers

Robyn Morrison reviews the latest goofy American road trip comedy, ‘We’re the Millers’

Directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber of Dodgeball fame, with a script from the writers of Wedding Crashers, comes this broad comedy about a small-time weed dealer on his mission to smuggle substantial amount of marijuana across the border from the US to Mexico.

The dealer, David Burke, has been left severely in debt with his supplier after being robbed of his stash. In his attempts to wipe the slate clean with his drug-lord boss, he is forced to become a big-time smuggler overnight to pay back his debt.

To avoid being caught in the hustle, David, played by Jason Sudeikis, hires an RV and enlists the help of three dysfunctional misfits from his apartment building in the hope that, by pretending to be a model happy family, they won’t get caught. Jennifer Aniston plays broke lapdancer Rose, who acts as the ‘mum’, Emma Roberts is a homeless teenager enlisted to be the ‘daughter’ Casey, while Will Poulter is the gormless 18-year old from David’s apartment building , who plays his ‘son’ Kenny.

The film can be described as a triumph of bad taste and good casting. The four main characters have great on-screen chemistry and make up a terrific group – with rising star Will Poulter putting on a notable performance. Jennifer Anniston’s squeaky-clean, wholesome image is stripped away quicker than her clothes for the film, which is raunchy in humour, but sweet in its nature.

We’re The Millers will certainly provide a few laughs from the expertly timed gags and rude, slapstick comedy. But, despite the laughs and dirty jokes, the film also has a softer side - brought out in the real relationships between the characters as the journey progresses.

While it may not be the best comedy ever written and, in parts, is hugely predictable, the film has a likeability akin to There’s Something About Mary and has been hailed as the ‘funniest comedy of the summer’.