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Farewell my summer love...

Comment with Kathy Gleeson

As Michael Jackson once wailed, however his words do ring true as this year's weather has been truly outstanding in spite of the naysayers
who wrongly warned of rain, rain and more rain. I'm sick of doom and gloom merchants wittering on negatively about such and such, this and that, so and so etc. Get a grip!

Life is too short and so precious. Recent sad events in my life make this sentiment more poignant than ever. So let us all celebrate reasons to be cheerful, whatever they may be.

Firstly congratulations to all exam takers and I hope your hard efforts paid off. The Gleeson household has been able to breathe a huge sigh of relief...well done Sally. Only another 2 years of hard work at big school.

For those contemplating what next, a word from the wise. Don't worry, be happy. What a relief it will be for everyone all round when the ankle biters get back into familiar routines. Yes school is back in session. I can hear you all now, thank goodness they're back!

However it has been good to have them around, surfacing for breakfast at 1pm and in bed by midnight. Quite the life of riley I reckon. So different from their younger days. I miss the picnics and adventures with them on bikes, sweetly dressed children with cake and lashings of ginger beer...oops, getting all misty eyed. Nope, a different type of person inhabits my darlings these days. Teenagers. I need say no more on this matter.

My favourite season is autumn when everything turns to wonderful shades of red, amber and purple. Glorious sunshine accentuating the changing landscape of our Cotswolds. I'd like to ask you to support a great event. Sophie Wright from Cheltenham is undertaking a 1,300 mile bike ride in memory of her late Mum who sadly succumbed to cancer in 2005. Her father is also a cancer survivor. Her chosen charity is Cancer Research UK. You can sponsor her at or text CANC70 £5 to 70070. Good luck Sophie. The sun is still shining as I write which means the winter woolies can stay piled up and bobbly in my wardrobes for a bit longer. Flip flops and cuts off for a bit longer, with any luck.