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Ladies Golf at Lilley Brook

Simon Harrison, known to the golfing fraternity as ‘Harry’ is a renowned Golf Professional based at Lilley Brook Golf Club on the edge of Charlton Kings. Emma Logan and friends continue to share their progress in learning to play golf

Ahhh, now it’s just this little thing in golf called The Short Game. Ever heard of this? Well this is the time when one has spent weeks perfecting your swing to hit the ball hundreds of yards and you should be near or on the putting green. For many though, this is time when it all goes horribly wrong.

So let’s start with the fact that our ball never actually made it onto the green and so we need to learn to ‘chip’ or ‘pitch’ our ball onto the manicured turf in front of us. Contrary to what most think, Harry explained that there is no actual difference in a pitching or chipping shot.

One has to grasp some club numbers for accuracy on how far the ball needs to go. So for example, if you were using a 9 iron you would find your ball will have 50% flight and a 50% roll on landing. With a Sand iron it would 75% flight to 25% roll and with a 7 iron it is 25% flight to 75% roll. Go and see Harry and get him to show you himself. It really makes sense when he explains and you’ll know how to hit the perfect chip shot.

Finally, it came down to the putting – yet another totally different ball game! After being shown how to grip the club (your lifeline should come through your left hand), we were shown how to stand. It’s a fairly stifling position as your derriere is stuck out, chest forward but arms dead straight and locked. Now the major difference hitting the ball when you putt is, you don’t. Your arms act like a pendulum and just lift back slightly then go through the ball without the full follow-through the other end – it should make a gentle tapping sound and a good way to judge your line is, is to walk 2 paces inside the ball so you can see where the bend or slope is – so easy when you’re told how.

Harry has had the patience of a Saint and next month is promising to take us for a proper game – we’re going to play 9 holes on a real-life golf course. I won’t tell you where for fear all courses in Cheltenham will be left deserted but am sure you’ll soon know who we are when the yelps of “FORE” will be heard coming over a Cheltenham hill!

Harry would love to hear from people wanting to start playing or just hoping to improve their golf, so please contact him directly: Simon Harrison, Head PGA Professional and Advanced Performance Coach, Lilley Brook Golf Club, Tel: 01242 525201; Email:; Harry is currently running a 'Get into golf' programme for adults. Each participant will be entitled to 2x FREE 1 hour group sessions. Booking required. Individual, group and children’s sessions are also available and visitors are always welcome.