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Charlton Kings

This month The Cheltonian features the delights of Charlton Kings and some of the businesses of Sixways...

With a current population of about 10,000 people, Charlton Kings is a pretty village on the edge of Cheltenham, surrounded by Leckhampton Hill and a beautiful escarpment of rolling hills heading out towards Oxford on the A40.

Early settlement in Charlton Kings dates back to the Iron Age and remains of a roman villa were discovered there in1980. The name Charlton Kings comes from Anglo-Saxon times, the word Charlton evolved from the term ceorls' tun, a ceorl being the Saxon term for an independent peasant landowner and tun meaning
fenced enclosure with a dwelling, a farmstead. The Church of St. Mary was built in the late 12th century to ease the nearby Cheltenham parish church due to increasing congregation size.

In today’s age Charlton Kings is a buzzing area with an array of eclectic shops and businesses in the Sixways area. These include the fabulous Charlton Kings deli and coffee shop, which supply some of the best local products to be found (the Scotch Eggs are a must!).

Scene The Salon is a contemporary new hair salon with highly experienced staff to create the perfect look and colour and if you are planning on attending a wedding or special function, you absolutely have to visit The Hat Shop who supply a vast selection of hats, fascinators and accessories for any special occasion, either to hire or buy.

Charlton King village has a lovely ambience with pubs, a florist, coffee shops, library, community centre, local convenience stores and post office all in walking vicinity of the central point of the village, St. Mary’s Church. The Charlton Kings Vet Centre has recently opened next to the post office, offering the latest, most advanced vetinary care around. Of course the Charlton Kings area is also a highly desirable place to live as it boasts some of the best schools in Cheltenham and an abundance of local sports and youth clubs all providing for a perfect family life.