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Vince Freeman, Finalist of The Voice 2012, joins The Cheltonian with a monthly column on the Music Scene

This is my inaugural edition writing in The Cheltonian, so please be gentle! For those of you who don’t know me (and that could be most of you), my name is Vince Freeman.

Every month from here on in I will be doing my best to give an insight into the world of music and Cheltenham and how sometimes they are perfect partners and other time times they may as well be distant cousins twice removed!

So why me? Well I have lived in Cheltenham for nearly 15 years and I am one of those people who get paid to sing for a living. Yes I am one of those nocturnal creatures you see and hear but rarely meet as they are usually in bed!

Follow me into the world of a fulltime musician ;) I have won national awards for song writing, performed with everyone from Ed Sheeran (Yes his hair really is that ginger), Eric Clapton and even Jocelyn Brown.

Oh yes, also I was on BBC’s The Voice last year in Team Danny… I was the one who sang with no shoes on! Most of all I am dedicated and passionate about music and more importantly, music in Cheltenham. I will be bringing you some of my thoughts on emerging talent, events, festivals, and hope that you enjoy this column in the months to come.

Lastly on behalf of The Cheltonian, I would like to thank Steve Jump our previous music writer for his contribution to the magazine. Steve owner of Badlands Records) passed away unexpectedly last month, so from all at the magazine may you rest easy, you will be sorely missed.

Are you the next big thing to emerge from the Gloucestershire music scene or have you discovered the best new hotspot for live music? If so I would love to hear from you.

You can email me at