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A vintage first year

McAdams Hairdressing celebrates its successful first year in business

Well here I am, Kirsty McAdam (pictured centre). After all those years at Peter Hickman, Flory’s, Blushes and raising a family, I’m back. McAdams Hairdressing in Cheltenham’s Regent Street is my new exciting venture, which is celebrating its 1st year’s opening. It has proved to be a life-changing experience for my whole family, as we’re all in it together and a very positive one I may add.

I am delighted with the success of McAdams’ first year of business. For those of you who remember Flory’s, it is ironic that I’m back in the same premises albeit with a very different look. You will discover a world of shabby chic, a touch vintage but most definitely different.

Benefitting from two outstanding hairdressers Vicky Paynton and Danielle Smalley a highly experienced nail technician, Nicki Green, and obviously myself, this is the perfect place to come, enjoy a lovely cup of tea in gorgeous surroundings and be totally pampered. What more does one need?

So why have I decided to take on the responsibility of a business now in my 40’s? Well, why not? My belief and philosophy I live by, has always been “I would rather regret something I did or tried and got wrong, than to regret never doing or trying at all”. Yes, McAdams was a risk, but it definitely is proving to be a good one. My husband is an amazing father, so why shouldn’t he have the opportunity of spending some very precious time with our gorgeous children; it’s time you never get back. He has loved every minute of it, mmm, well almost every minute!

I’ve had the most fantastic support in this exciting venture and my clients have been wonderfully loyal and supportive throughout. My amazing family Tim, Archie, Theo, Evita and Teague take top prize though for being truly the very best support I have ever had.

McAdams Hairdressing offers beautiful, comfortable and relaxing surroundings. My hopes and dreams for the future are that my family stays healthy and happy and McAdams Hairdressing carries on thriving, maintaining high standards, as it definitely offers something just a little bit different, “Uniqueness”.

11 Regent Street, Cheltenham. Tel: 01242 581155.