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Skin beyond the decolletage

Bonjour! It's Yvie bee reporting this month on what is to be found in good old-fashioned French pharmacies

I have a great love of pharmacies, chemists, American drug stores. Wherever I am in the world I spend hours in them. The best are in America where you can buy everything but the classiest of them are to be found in France. Be it hair, skin or nail care they just sell the best. They focus a lot more on the body and care of skin and generally French women look after their bodies as well as face. I think we British ladies are getting better realising that it is as important to treat your body, so now summer is out. Lets get scrubbing, buffing and moisturising.

I will share with you all that I find in France where much research has been done to find the best products. I have returned home armed with goodies to buff and moisturise and this morning I find myself alone so I will set to a full body scrub. Starting with a fabulous product called The Avene body exfoliant for sensitive skin, after buffing in the shower you can apply if needed an anti cellulite treatment to areas like the top of thighs, buttock and stomach.

A good friend told me stinging nettles do the trick. Don't fancy it myself. The popular one in France is Nuxe body's Nuxe body contouring serum for embedded cellulite.

Which then takes me on to creams and oils; it is imperative to nourish the skin to replenish lost oils, as we get older we lose tone and elasticity.

Obviously there are many expensive body creams out there but I truly think the best is Vaseline cocoa butter. This is actually not available here but in our very own Montpellier Spa chemist; a little haven of wonderful goodies.

If you want an added treat, the Nuxe range signature product, Nuxe dry oil for body and hair is fabulous. You will find Nuxe is now sold in
Marks and Spencer's Beauty Hall and Avene products sold in Boots.

For further information please contact the Yvie bee studio on: 01242 539504.